Out of Control! Tamra Judge in For a Rude Awakening on Season 12 Of RHOC!


They say paybacks a bitch, well when you’re a housewife it’s even worse. It’s reality TV at its finest and grudges carry over from season to season. What’s in store for Tamra Judge is nothing short of embarrassing and payback for her nastiness to the OG of the OC’s, Vicki Gunvalson and her bestie, Kelly Dodd. Seems as if these two have ganged up to take down Tamra in Season 12 and they begin by playing into the rumors that have never been quashed about her husband Eddie Judge, who has always thought to be gay. According to Life & Style, an embarrassing rap song was written by artist Coree Larabee who is a close and personal friend of Vicki’s. The song entitled, “Lie, Lie, Lie” is all about Eddie and it doesn’t paint him in a flattering light at all. Designed to personally ridicule and slander Tamra, it certainly does. His sexuality will be a main focus of the upcoming season and the song is played while Bravo cameras rolled. Laughing and teasing at Tamra, she eventually flips out and it gets worse from there.


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Out of Control! Tamra Judge in For a Rude Awakening on Season 12 Of RHOC!


“Tamra had no idea the song was going to be on the show” and seems to be payback for her posting a nude photo of Vicki on social media last year. The tension between Vicki, Kelly and Tamra is awful and the two of them do everything they can to make sure that Tamra’s personal life is on blast all season long. As long as Brooks isn’t in the picture I’m fine with whatever story-line they use.


Written by Riley Mathews

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