New Rules for “Bachelor in Paradise”

New Rules for “Bachelor in Paradise”

After the latest debacle on “Bachelor in Paradise” there are now new rules and restrictions set in place for the cast and production crew alike. There is a two-drink limit per hour for each of the cast. Reportedly, “the crew is monitoring drinking levels among the cast and the bartenders are also responsible for keeping tabs.” Food will be provided at all times to absorb the alcohol ingested.

New Rules for “Bachelor in Paradise”

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Production had been halted and many wondered if it would resume ever again after the Corrine/DeMario accusations began to surface on unwanted sexual advances. Thus, there will be more controlled alcohol ingestion for everyone and will be more closely monitored as if the cast is unable to control their drinking. Are these teens or adults? Hopefully, these adults can monitor their own behaviors and drink intake as adults do.

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