New Reality Show Steals ‘Real Housewives’ Concept; The Real Side Chicks?

A group of southern based woman have filmed for a Housewives “rip off” show called ‘The Real SideChicks Of Charlotte’ that has been picked up after the pilot episode! No news on what network has picked the show up, but sources are saying Bravo is furious & will sue the network for copy right infringement if they continue.

Bravo TV is the owner of the highly successful ‘ Real Housewives Franchise’ and will not allow another network to air a show defaming the Real Housewives, while use their concepts. The show’s pilot focuses on several affluent woman who are secondary to their men who are all currently married.

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” The idea of the show is outrageous, and not intriguing to normal viewers” said an insider who saw leaked footage of the pilot episode “they are all sleeping with married men and fight about it, that’s not entertaining that’s just stupid, he shared.” Do you think Bravo will be able to shut down the network if they decide to air the show?

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