New Photo Make Fans Wonder…Is Jinger Duggar Expecting?!

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You are still considered a newlywed if you have been married less than a year – such is the case for Jinger, she and Jeremy wed several months ago, however there is a huge amount of “pushing” to convince her that she should already be expecting. Jessa, along with Jill – Jinger’s older female siblings didn’t waste any time to get pregnant – both ladies were very busy once they said their “I do’s” and now, the bar has been set very high for Jinger. Her fans are anxiously waiting for the news that she is expecting.


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Another “Baby Bump” Pending!


The Duggar gals are not the only ones who love posting photos on their social media sites – Jeremy also does it quite often and did just that – he posted another pic on his personal Instagram site which showed himself with Jinger, and a friend of theirs who just happens to be a pastor.


New Photo Make Fans Wonder...Is Jinger Duggar Expecting?!


If you look closely at the photo, it appears that Jinger has a jacket on, which is long enough so we can barely see the dress she is wearing. That’s usually a sign to fans that tells them something is cooking inside of Jinger’s tummy – those fans have some eagle eyes and can usually tell when a Duggar is possibly expecting a child by the size of “baby-bump.”


“Only the top [button] is buttoned. It’s a bun in the oven!” as one fan stated in the post.


However, Jinger did have some fans supporting the famous star of “Counting On” by making it clear to others that it’s not acceptable to ask or assume if a lady is expecting a baby – it may be that she is just a bit overweight and that can be very insulting. But, certain fans just can’t help themselves – they love to hear about baby news coming from the Duggar family and to some, Jinger is just taking a bit too long to get on the bandwagon. They are excited to find out if Jinger is going to add another child to her family.


We might also point out that the fans are not the only people who are anxiously standing by waiting for the big news – they call it “baby bump” alert, waiting for the big announcement to arrive. Jinger’s own family is trying to figure out whether or not she is expecting. As seen in a “trailer” for the upcoming 3rd season of “Counting On” – we see that Jill, Jessa and Joy-Anna are constantly asking their sister to take a test to see if she is really pregnant. Just get it over with already!


Here again, Jinger continues to be the “rebel” in the Duggar family.


“It’s very possible that Jinger could be expecting.” A lot of people, including fans, are a bit concerned about Jinger’s refusal to follow in her family’s footsteps – especially regarding the rule about her NOT wearing long pants out in public.

Jinger, who is a huge celeb on her family’s reality TV show, has often worn slacks many times while out in public – however, this is a huge NO-NO and goes against the Duggar family’s code of ethics when it comes to what their daughters wear. Blame this weird tradition on the parents. It’s been that way since they were kids.


And Jinger is the only sibling in her family who made the decision to move to another state, which is miles away from her homestead, located in the state of Arkansas – along with Jeremy, who happens to be her hubby. They believe it was best to live elsewhere once they were officially married. Jinger’s sister, Jill also resides in Central America on an “as needed” basis with Derick Dillard, her hubby, while they continue their missionary duties, however, Jill, along with Derick knows very well that their heart belongs in Arkansas. That’s where Jill’s family lives and it will always be her home away from home.


New Photo Make Fans Wonder...Is Jinger Duggar Expecting?!


The Vuolo’s (Jinge and Jere) got hitched in the fall of last year – November of 2016. As with most Duggar weddings, it was a huge and spectacular event and more than 1,000 family, friends and other guests showed up to see the famous couple on Jinger’s big day! Of course, as we all expected, the Duggar’s reality TV network, TLC, filmed the nuptials, which will be shown as a special on the upcoming 3rd season of “Counting On.” The fans love seeing the Duggar gals and/or guys getting hitched, and of course, Jinger’s wild ride as a brand new bride will be featured in one certain episode when the show returns next Monday. Jinger was quoted as saying that “she is absolutely overjoyed about the taping of her wedding” after she snuck in and saw a preview of coming attractions. “Married life has been the best thing ever.” Jinger went on to say.


So, the big question is: Will Jinger and Joy reveal that they are both expecting?!


New Photo Make Fans Wonder...Is Jinger Duggar Expecting?!


Fans have been waiting for weeks to find out IF and when Jinger and her sister Joy-Anna will reveal the big news that they are both expecting – both siblings also star in the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On” Come on now! Let’s give Joy-Anna some time to enjoy her new life after marriage – it’s only been 2 weeks since she married Austin Forsyth – however, many fans, along with their family members really believe that the Duggar family will be celebrating baby news for 2 of their married daughters.


In the meantime, we do know for sure that Jill (Duggar) Dillard is soon to give birth to another baby boy sometime this summer. She is in her last trimester and her due date appears to be this July. This happily married couple has just recently announced the name for their unborn son “Samuel Scott Dillard.” Jill gave birth to their 1st baby boy, “Israel” who is already a toddler at the age of 2.


Stay tuned y’all! The brand-new season with lots of exciting episodes begins on Monday, the 12th of June.


Written by Renee Barbee

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