New Makeup Line…Kim vs. Kylie!!

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New Makeup Line...Kim vs. Kylie!!

The latest NEW venture for the Kardashians, Kim is coming out with her own makeup line. She is taking Kylie’s lead and running with it. Seems like little sis Kylie is quickly giving Kim some competition in the fashion/beauty world. Thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, the show, endorsements and her clothing line, Kylie is now listed on Forbes list of top 100 moneymakers for the year. In addition, Kylie is now the youngest and a newcomer on Forbes 2017 list at #59 with earnings of 41 million for this year. She still trails Kim who places at #47 with earnings of 45 million.

New Makeup Line...Kim vs. Kylie!!

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Back in April, Kim and Kylie collaborated on the lip kit KKW x Kylie Cosmetics. It sold out it 2 minutes. This may have been the inspiration for Kim to start her own makeup line which will be available on June 21 on her website www.kimkardashianwest. com.


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Will Kim’s line give Kylie Cosmetics a run for their money? It seems doubtful at this point. Kylie seems to be doing well with her lip kits and her fan base is younger. Kim will be concentrating on highlighting and contouring kits. We’ve all seen episodes of KUWTK where Kim’s makeup artists are doing a wonderful job making Kim’s face look fabulous. It is doubtful that Kris Jenner would allow any “backstabbing or sabotage” among the siblings.

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