NBC’s “Grimm”: Ending after 6 Seasons

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Because NBC decided it was not picking up the series, it is with heavy heart, fellow Grimm fans, that Nick Burkhardt has killed his final creature. It’s the end of an era. OK, not quite an era, but ‘Grimm’ is gone after only six seasons. Everyone’s favorite Wesen killer has laid down his crossbow, axe, and 9-millimeter with the final episode airing on March 31.

The final episode, appropriately titled “The End” had Nick and the gang going up against the Zerstorer, who has followed Nick and Eve back through the mirror when they went into an alternate world to kill him. The Zerstorer is not a Wesen, but the ultimate demon come to take a bride. Turns out the bride is Diana, Adalind Schad (Claire Coffee) and Capt. Sean Reynard’s (Sasha Roiz) young daughter. Adalind is a Hexenbiest and Renard is a Zauberbiest (the male form of hexenbiest) and their offspiring had powers greater than any Wesen or human ever imagined. But the demon also wants Adalind and Nick’s (David Giuntoli) son, Kelly. Of course, it’s up to the Grimm to save the world.

NBC's “Grimm”: Ending after 6 Seasons

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Spoiler Alert: They may be in over their heads as the demon kills all our favorite characters one by one. Nick has a crisis of conscience as he fought over a life or death decision, to give up or to fight. He makes his decision, with the help of his mother and Aunt Marie, played by Kate Burton, who tell him to use the power of his ancestors. You’ll remember Aunt Marie, she’s the one who told Nick of his heritage and destiny.

Other members of the cast are Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette/Eve; Russell Hornsby as Det. Hank Griffin; Reggie Lee played Sergeant Wu, Silar Weir Mitchell as Monroe, a friendly Blutbad and his Fuchsbau wife, Rosalee, played by Bree Turner. Late to the Wesen hunt, was Trubel, played by Jacqueline Toboni, who also happens to be a Grimm, how is explained in the final scene.

NBC's “Grimm”: Ending after 6 Seasons

Over the six seasons of Grimm, not all the bad guys remained bad and not all the good guys remained good. There was a lot of bloodletting, both human and Wesen. One season, we were introduced to Kallikantzaroi, little critters that hated Christmas. They didn’t try to kill anyone, but went around stealing Christmas trees and decorations. Kind of like the Grinch, but smaller. But most of the Wesen just went about their business living among the humans.

Over all, it was a good ending, but still bittersweet. After all, who’s going to be around to help the citizens of Portland?

Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda






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