MURDERED! Two Bodies Found Burned Beyond Recognition In Housewives Car!

This story is about as gruesome as it gets. Police found two charred bodies, burned beyond recognition, following a vehicle fire on East 28th St. in Paterson, New Jersey. On Friday, NBC.Com reported homeowners in the area said they, “distinctly heard two gunshots ring out, then saw the car erupt in flames minutes later.” Motive has not been established and sadly the bodies were both shot in the head, “execution style.” Authorities arrived on the scene and are not saying if drugs were involved, however they did say dental records will be used to identify the bodies.

In an attempt to extract the bodies from the luxury car, an Audi S Line, firefighters had to cut the roof off. No arrests at this time have been made. What is shocking though is the vehicle is register to ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s’ Kim D. No one in Kim’s family were able to speak on their behalf regarding this incident.

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Written by Kassandra Dunn

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Picture 1 courtesy of BravoTV.Com

Picture 2 courtesy of NJ.Com

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