MURDERED! ‘RHONJ’ Kim D’s Vehicle Used for Killings!

I told you about the horrible killing of two young men who were friends of ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s’ Kim DePaola’s son. Her luxury Audi was found underneath a Paterson, New Jersey freeway and inside were the charred remains of Aaron Anderson, 27 and Antonio Vega Jr., 26. Kim’s son, Chris lent the vehicle to his friends who were tied up in an awful mess that included drugs, murder and revenge. Anderson could only be identified by the wire in his mouth from a dental procedure because his body was burned far beyond recognition. The killers were described as “savages” and seem to have murdered the men because of “jealousy and squealing.”


MURDERED! ‘RHONJ’ Kim D’s Vehicle Used for Killings!

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Michele Ryerson, the mother of Anderson went to the site where her son died. She saw the vehicle and was “devastated” after realizing her son was murdered in such a brutal manner. The roof of the car had to be removed and peeled back to extract the bodies. She knew Chris had borrowed Kim D’s car and had a strange feeling something was wrong when her son wouldn’t answer any of her calls. “It is a revenge thing and it’s just jealousy. My son was loved by everybody, all his friends loved him” she said. Police have two suspects in custody at this time.


Written by Riley Mathews

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