MTV’s “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Baby Number Four?!

As everyone well knows Jenelle gave birth to her beautiful baby girl January 24th of this year. Since she has given birth she has graced us with adorable pictures of Ensley, and Kaiser, and Jace. All over her social media. As per the usual she has been the target of a lot of back lash from fans who can’t help but to judge her every move.

MTV's "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Baby Number Four?!

The most recent rumor to hit the media has been that she is pregnant already with her FOURTH CHILD. This rumor was sparked by a picture she posted on Facebook and Instagram. with the caption “I promise forever and always you will have the best protectors on the planet my little angel.”

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MTV's "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Baby Number Four?!

This sparked rumors for some reason that Jenelle is expecting again, so quickly after just giving birth just 2 short months ago!

MTV's "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Baby Number Four?!

A source close to Jenelle sets the record straight and denies any truth to Jenelle being pregnant.

Whenever Jenelle and David do decide to have another baby I am sure they will come up with a cute way to announce the baby as well as the gender.

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