MTV Revives Iconic Reality Show

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Today, MTV reveals something huge that will be coming to the network this spring. According to MTV and other media outlets “Fear Factor” is returning to the airwaves.

As you know from June 2001 to September 2006 Fear Factor aired every Mondays on NBC. The show took 6 individuals and has them face some of their biggest fears. These fears could be being submerged under water, going face to face with insects, or facing their fear of heights. At the end of the show, the last contestant standing will walk away with $50,000. It lasted for six years but during the show’s history, it did take some criticism.

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In January 2005, an episode featuring a stunt involving blended rats aired in its normal prime time slot. Austin Aitken, a part-time paralegal from Cleveland, Ohio, sued NBC for $2.5 million USD for airing the show, claiming that he felt so disgusted from watching the stunt, his blood pressure rose until he felt dizzy and lightheaded and subsequently vomited. He claimed that his disorientation was so severe that he ran into a doorway and seriously injured himself. In March 2005, U.S. District Judge Lesley Wells threw out the lawsuit on the grounds of First Amendment protection.

Then in December of 2011, NBC Relaunched “Fear Factor” after almost five years off the air. However, it would only on for seven months. Just like in the previous series, contestants faced their fears in a series of stunts. The winner would walk away with $50,000. But, in a twist, they would bring four teams of two. But like the series, before it had it’s own backlash. An episode originally scheduled for January 30, 2012, featuring contestants drinking donkey semen and urine, was rejected by NBC, which instead aired a rerun.[32] On January 31, 2012, two of the contestants, twin sisters Claire and Brynne Odioso, appeared on The Cowhead Show on Tampa Bay radio station WHPT to talk about their experiences in that episode; however, according to, producers of Fear Factor warned the Odioso sisters not to continue any discussion of the program, as doing so would put them in breach of their confidentiality agreements. In that 2012 report, here is the video proof.

Now, coming May 30, Fear Factor will return with new twists and a new host. First the host. The original host, Joe Rogan, is on tour promoting his comedy show. So, to replace him is Rapper Ludacris. According to MTV “MTV is reinventing the breakthrough reality series Fear Factor with a brand-new twist or two, the network announced today. While the show will continue its tradition of having contestants battle it out for $50K, its new stunts will take inspiration from urban legends, popular scary flicks and viral videos and hence force today’s antsy youths to confront their biggest fears and take action against some of their biggest stressors. Some examples: the aforementioned “Roach-ella” (anyone wanna bet contestants will be covered in insects?), something called “Trap Queen,” and personal cell phone rescues at heights of over 100 feet (all together now: Oh HELL NO).”


I can’t wait! Can You?


Written by Christopher Mabry

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