Michelle Duggar…Wrote a Blog Post to Help Stop the Alleged Family Feud?!

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Michelle Duggar...Wrote a Blog Post to Help Stop the Alleged Family Feud?!

The infamous mother of the reality TV show, “Counting On” and family matriarch of the Duggar family, “Michelle” has just written a post for the family’s blog.  Which basically details the sadness regarding rumors she has seen, read and recently found out regarding a feud that took place on social media between Michelle’s son-in-law’s.

Why would Michelle draft what appears to be a very mysterious message on the families blog?! Very strange to say the least  and during the same exact week when the 3rd new season of “Counting On” debuted just 3 days ago, this past Monday evening?! Yikes.

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Mama Duggar, 50 but sure doesn’t look her age,  decided to name her blog post “The Root of Bitterness”. The blog seems to give the impression that she just can’t understand the reason why so many people become very unhappy at times. Michelle also went on to say that other than “the busyness of life,” it only takes one person to steal the happy moments from others, which indicates that certain people have so much bitterness and hate in their hearts.

“Having bitterness in our spirit robs us of life’s most beautiful moments. Comparing ourselves to others, envy, and jealousy all lead down to a road of bitterness.” As her blog post continued,  she stated that mean and spiteful remarks is usually what causes those who have issues to “treat others unfairly,” and they don’t even realize what’s happening around them. Does this mean that Michelle is referring to the so called “bitter” argument from her son-in-law’s?!

Fans who love to watch and follow the Duggar’s adventures by watching “Counting On” believe that perhaps a feud or some type of disagreement with some Duggar in-laws . Namely, Derick Dillard, (Jill Duggar’s hubby) along with Jeremy Vuolo, (who is married to her daughter, Jinger)   may have a valid point from what we have read on line.

This huge problem began, after the Duggar fans noticed, rather quickly, I might add, that the Dillard’s (Jill and her hubby Derick) have stopped following the Vuolo’s (Jinge and her husband Jere) have completely stopped and ignored any posts that either Jinger and/or Jeremy have uploaded on their personal Instagram site. Even though most fans and followers wouldn’t give this so called “feud” any thought at all, as if to say “boys will be boys” however, the fact of the matter is, most people really believe anything they read and see on social media.  As the old saying goes; “actions speak louder than words” and in this situation, it just might be factual. What we do know, from die-hard Duggar fans, the “brotherly” feud started to get out of hand after Jeremy somehow managed to hurt the man he refers to as part of his own family.  Simply by the words that he read in his sermon regarding Derick’s work in Central America as a missionary, by preaching some very negative info. As we all know, Jeremy is a minister and he decided to speak his concerns regarding the missionaries who enter that specific field completely unaware of what they are supposed to do. Shockingly, he said they all were “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, and unsent zealots.”

Michelle Duggar...Wrote a Blog Post to Help Stop the Alleged Family Feud?!

“They’re just Lone Ranger types running around solo asking churches for money to support them…They don’t want to work to support themselves, give themselves to study, or give themselves to the necessary abandoning of comfort required to do damage to your flesh.”

During the past several weeks, we have seen plenty of interaction on various episodes of the reality TV show, “Counting On”.  Focusing on Jill and Derick who have been traveling to Central America to perform their missionary duties and then back home again to Arkansas. And, because these 2 reality celebs have asked their fans to donate in order to assist them with the essentials to do their work and survive, they have both dealt with an enormous amount of ugly comments criticizing their so called “ministry” during the last several months.

Michelle Duggar...Wrote a Blog Post to Help Stop the Alleged Family Feud?!

The 1st big issue that Jill Duggar and her hubby, Derick Dillard were forced to confess was the fact that they really were not prepared to begin the journey to El Salvador, which has lasted for 2 entire years now. Why would anyone quit their job and do something without having the financial means to back up their project?! Well, that’s what Derick did. He thought it was a goldmine job and jumped on it before anyone else was crazy enough to do it.  Now the Dillard family is spending their life in a place where they don’t even speak the language -um, they never bothered to sign up for classes to learn how to speak Espanola, aka Spanish.

It gets even worse, the church they have all attended as a family denied Derick and Jill’s offer to join them in a partnership and most likely get volunteers who attend that same church to go with them on their missionary journey, however, they simply told the Dillard’s that what they were asking did not meet their criteria to do business. What were they thinking?!

Derick and Jill are now operating under “S.O.S. Ministries” and all donations are being raised through their personal resources from an on line site.

For the time being, everyone involved in the so called “family-feud” are not saying a word. But, a certain tweet that Derick himself sent out had fans believing it was a derogatory statement against Jeremy.

Last Saturday, the 10th of this month, Derick Dillard took it upon himself to send out a tweet citing a verse directly from the Holy Gospel, that being the “Bible” which apparently described why he was keeping mum.
And sadly, it appears that Michelle, mother of Jill Duggar has now somehow gotten herself involved in the 2 boys secret and mysterious chain of words. Mama Duggar, the reality star from the now cancelled “19 Kids and Counting” show concluded the post on the families blog site by simply trying to encourage everyone who reads it to; “pray for God to remove all bitterness in their hearts.” She also went on to say, “One thing we must do as Christians is to pray that bitterness finds no place in our hearts. Let’s choose joy!”

Amen to that Mrs. Duggar! Let’s hope your words of wisdom are read and understood.

Written by Renee Barbee

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