Michelle Duggar Offers a Solution for Son-in-Laws Feud?!

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This is very unusual for Michelle to do but I guess she felt the need to speak up about her son-in-law’s ongoing social media feud. She also is not the kind of person ,and mother-in-law like you see on TV in one of those wicked “Stepford” wife type of TV dramas. Always with a smile on her face and trying to be the peacemaker of the family.

We have no clue what Jim Bob, Michelle’s husband and Patriarch of the Duggar family would do if he ever disagreed with something that she did ,and, as religious as they are, we know JB has a lot of rules, many of which are considered a “sin” which should never be broken or done against God’s will. Perhaps he prefers that they do things together as a married couple – but this time, Michelle did something on her own so how will he handle it?! All she did was draft a memo and post it on their blog. Somehow, it feels as if this situation is a movie playing out, like in the “Game of Thrones” and the nun who committed the ultimate cardinal sin and is being criticized by the Bell of Shame!

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Let’s be real here ,the fact of the matter is this, when a family situation gets completely out of hand and begins to cause severe problems within the family, someone has to put a stop to it and it might as well be Michelle. This is pretty serious stuff and she felt the need to add her own “two cents” as the old expression goes. Say what?! Well, we have read about the Duggar ladies ,they are never permitted to have anything to do with money. How can that be?!

As we all know, social media is the fastest way to keep up on your families activities , which also includes any feuds which may be taking place. In Michelle’s case, the attention grabber from this past week has something to do with a so called “dispute” and exchange of words between 2 of her daughters.

Man, oh man! Fans seem to be keeping up on the Duggar kids and recently found out that both Jill and her sister, Jinger are no longer following each other in any way, shape or form via their social media sites.

Not only that, but the 2 gals also stopped following each other’s brother-in-law’s , here again, neither Jeremy or Derick follow their wives out of respect, of course!

It has become very obvious, that these 2 married couples have suddenly developed a case of “bad blood” and, it now appears that someone has been working diligently to find some dirt on the web ,and whoever these people are, they may have cracked open the case Dear Watson! Jeremy is a minister and earns a living by preaching and helping others ,(a much different vocation from his brother-in-law’s on the Duggar’s side of the family who don’t lift a finger to earn their keep.) and, to make matters worse, he also appears to have some issues with the way Derick handles his work as a missionary ,believing that the donations are only helping the missionaries instead of helping those whom they have offered their assistance too. In one of Jeremy’s earlier sermons, he referred to those who work in the fields as “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, and unsent zealots.” His words folks.

“They’re just Lone Ranger types running around solo asking churches for money to support them,” stated Vuolo.

“They don’t want to work to support themselves, give themselves to study, or give themselves to the necessary abandoning of comfort required to do damage to your flesh.”

Derick and Jill have had their fair share of criticism ,with some even saying that the couple seem to be very um, not exactly qualified to do work as missionaries ,and this isn’t the 1st, the Dillard’s have heard the same old thing many times within the last 2 years, mainly from fans and followers who know that both Derick and Jill were never able to pass the test which certifies a person to be eligible for working in this field.

We are most certain that once Jeremy was finished with his sermon, he then proceeded to drop his microphone and walked off the stage as if he were a hero, as the saying goes; “the last battle of the 8 Mile tree.”

Not only that, let’s not forget the very fact that both Jill and her hubby, Derick practically pleaded for donations in 2016 – from their loyal fans and once the word got out, well, as you can imagine, they were once again ridiculed because of their actions. It’s very clear to us as it is to the Duggar fans, exactly why this entire matter is a very touchy issue.

As a matter of fact, that could be the very reason why Derick decided it was best to stop following Jeremy ,which, of course, led to a huge explosion of rude and crude comments on social media.

This entire argument between the 2 bro’s was the boiling over point that caused Michelle to take action and try her best to calm everyone down (while not mentioning anyone’s name, to play it safe) and by posting what she called “The Root of Bitterness” on the families blog as she knew everyone would read it.

“Having bitterness in our spirit robs us of life’s most beautiful moments. Comparing ourselves to others, envy, and jealousy all lead down to a road of bitterness.”

Mama Michelle finished her post by simply trying her best to motivate the boys by having them retain the information which is very similar to their own Christian beliefs, instead of spending too much time by arguing:

“One thing we must do as Christians is to pray that bitterness finds no place in our hearts. Let’s choose joy!” as Michelle wrote.

Bravo to mother Michelle for taking care of the family matter in a proper way. A mother’s instinct knows best.

Perhaps it’s time for Jim Bob to take a lesson from his wife and let her take care of family business for a change.

Written by: Renee Barbee

Believe in Yourself ~ Renee

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