Married At First Sight: Spin-off In The Works?

Married At First Sight: Spin-off In The Works?

Married At First Sight: Spin-off In The Works?

I don’t know about you guys, but the most discouraging thing about last season was that I felt like David got robbed! And I felt so bad that Vanessa’s relationship didn’t work out. We are in luck! FYI has officially ordered a spin-off where they will follow David and Vanessa as they get to go on different dates. They will have the guidance of the experts as well as their family and friends.

The new show will be called Married At First Sight: Second Chances and has already begun production. They will air it sometime in 2017. This show will also take place in Atlanta, GA.

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The general idea of the show is that the two will be able to date men and women from around their area and begin a courtship, if any of those dates turn into something more serious. Hopefully they can both find love. They were, of course, fan favorites. I think it extends to more than that though. They just seemed like genuinely good people.
I have a secret wish. (shhhh) I would like for the two of them to go on a date together! That would be amazing! Let’s hook up these two super nice people, who are ready to settle down and have a real relationship. Can we just make that happen? They would make a cute couple. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. *sigh*

I am also really hoping this will not be exclusive to the FYI network, because I don’t get that channel. (grrrrr) I hope they will share their programing with A&E as per the usual with this show. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this one. I know as soon as I know more, so will you!

Keep looking to the stars!

Written by Katie

” Always Reach for the stars… And if you can grab them-write about them!” ~Katie









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