“Married at First Sight”: Another Expert Chosen Couple Calls It Quits!


“Married at First Sight” is currently airing its 5th season, which this time is taking place is Chicago. But, it was just announced that the last of the three couples from season 4, Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez have decided to divorce. “Married at First Sight” puts the cart before the horse and features 6 people who agree to marry a stranger. The experts, a Spiritualist, Relationship Coach and Sociologist, use science to match the couple. The three couples per season do not have any contact till the actual wedding day. Then they are documented from that day, thru their honeymoons, moving in together and other life moments for several weeks. Then each couple must decide to stay together or end their marriage.


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“Married at First Sight”: Another Expert Chosen Couple Calls It Quits!


So far season 1 has been the most romantically successful. With 2 of the 3 couples still together. Cortney and Jason Carrion just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary as did Jamie and Doug Hehner and they also are expecting their first child. With the information coming today that Lillian and Tom are no longer together, season 1 has the only couples still married thus far. The 3rd couple from the first season, Monet and Vaughn decided to split at the end of the show. Season 2 couples: Jaclyn and Ryan decided to stay together, but then announced at reunion they had broken up. Davina and Sean decided to divorce at end of the show. Jessica and Ryan also stayed together at end of show, only to announce at the reunion that they were also done.


Season 3 couples: David and Ashley were doomed from the start and ended the relationship. Sam and Neil also ended the marriage, but to this day remain friends. Trey and Vanessa initially stayed together, but then were already apart at the reunion. Vanessa and David have both gone on to look for love on the reality spin off “Married at First Sight: Second Chances.


Season 4: Heather and Derek split two weeks in. Sonia and Nick, although had many ups and downs, decided to stay together, but announced in March of 2017 that they were divorced. The last couple of Season 4, Lillian and Tom made it 14 months. Currently season 5 is about half way thru airing, on Lifetime Network Thursday at 9 PM, there is also a season 6 in the works as casting has started for Boston.


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