Machine Gun Kelly Performed “Numb” at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

Machine Gun Kelly Performed "Numb" at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

Last month, Linkin Park lost their lead singer Chester Bennington to suicide. The world was shocked, the music industry suffered a huge loss, and many people were left horribly saddened by the tragedy. The band had just recently released a new album in May and were set to begin their now cancelled “One More Light” tour last week. Fellow musician Machine Gun Kelly was scheduled to join the band on tour as a special opening guest. To honor his friend, MGK recently recorded and shared an emotional video cover of Linkin Park’s 2003 hit single “Numb” on YouTube.

Machine Gun Kelly Performed "Numb" at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

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At Lollapalooza this past Sunday, MGK performed “Numb” for the very first time live with his band. During his set, while he paid tribute to Bennington, he asked the audience to hold a moment of silence. MGK then told the crowd “I’ve been waiting to do this for three fucking hours, man.”and became noticeably quiet compared to his normal, high energetic self. He then added, “And I just don’t want to rush through it. While these skies are gray and cloudy, I’d like to just take a moment to maybe dedicate this moment to our friend Chester Bennington from Linkin Park,” as notes from “Numb” began to play from a piano in the background. While singing, his voice quivered at times and tears emerged but that did not make the performance any less beautiful or powerful. He was noticeably emotional and melancholic during the performance, but understandably so. Many people are not used to seeing this vulnerable side because so often fans are exposed to the confident and energetic side of MGK.

Machine Gun Kelly Performed "Numb" at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

The ending of the song may have felt familiar, in a way to some people. As FUSE put it, “The final note is particularly haunting as he delivers the final, “I’ve become so numb” with almost the same gusto that Bennington was known for during his life.”

Machine Gun Kelly later thanked his audience on Instagram, sharing “That was one of the coolest vibes I’ve ever experienced” and wrote on Twitter that he “never felt so alive.” Following his set, MGK spoke with FUSE in a video interview about how he felt during his performance of “Numb”.

Machine Gun Kelly Performed "Numb" at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

For those of you that are not familiar with MGK, perhaps you have heard his hit song “Bad Things” with Camilla Cabello. The song has become his biggest hit to date and catapulted him into the public eye this past fall. Though the musician has been around for awhile and has already released three albums, he has not received the type of mainstream attention that I think he deserves. Most recently, this May, he released his third album “Bloom”. MGK is no ordinary guy though, as he has mastered many trades. Although he is most commonly known as a rapper, he can also sing, play the guitar, act, and model. His live shows include not just himself, but his team, which include an entire group of fellow musicians. What else sets him apart from others? MGK’s shows are unique, with varying sets and many more instruments than you would expect to see from a typical rap concert. He can easily go from a hard core rap song one minute to a full fledged rock show the next. His music has had a large impact on many people, which helped create an almost cult like following of loyal fans.

There are short video clips from the Lollapalooza performance on social media, but not an official video. I have provided the link of MGK’s interview with FUSE below as well as his recorded video cover of “Numb” on Youtube.

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