“Little Women LA”: The “F” Word!

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Move over f*ck, there’s a new “F” word in town—FIERCE. Fierce is an adjective with Latin roots: having or displaying a violent or ferocious aggressiveness, showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Who knew this one syllable word would be such a bone of contention.


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On a new night for Little Women: L.A., Wednesday, the viewers find Jasmine up to her new favorite activity, stirring the pot. Jasmine and Briana spend a little girl time together in a shoe store where Jasmine tells Briana the title of Terra’s book: “Fierce at 4 foot 2”.


"Little Women LA": The "F" Word!




Briana tells Jasmine “Terra has taken something very important to me without any regards for my feelings and friends don’t do that”. For a brief minute, the viewer forgets what Briana is talking about because with such a strong reaction, one would think Briana is talking about something a lot more serious. Nope, just a WORD and not a derogatory word. It is not like there are no synonyms for fierce: bold, ferocious, fiery, passionate, intense, savage. You get the idea. Briana then discusses how she has never heard Terra use the word before. Raise your hand if you can remember every word a friend has uttered around you. No one? Exactly. If you have a friend like Briana, watch out, they are taking notes and writing down your every word. Literally. Briana says “I’ve never heard her even say the word. Everyone knows I’m the little fierce momma. I have hashtagged it a thousand times”. Continuing on with the pain and suffering Terra has imposed on Briana by using “her” word, Briana says Terra using the word fierce in her book title makes her feel almost violated. This is a bit of a stretch and it borders on being insulting to people who have literally been violated.


Briana claims the word fierce is what she identifies with. Just when you think Briana has gone down a rabbit hole and will not be able to find herself back, she says I know I do not own the word fierce. It came from Shakespeare. Some of you may be wondering what Briana is talking about. Don’t worry, Jasmine then chimes in with “she may be little but fierce”. The popular Shakespeare quote comes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. In Act 3 Scene 2, Helena says “and though she be but little, she is fierce”. It does not take long for Briana to return to the rabbit hole when she begins to question if Terra chose the word fierce to take a jab at her. Funny how a few minutes prior, Jasmine is accusing Terra of stirring the pot but Jasmine is doing a pretty good job of it herself. Jasmine tells Briana, don’t be so naive, working Briana up even more. Remember Jasmine, if you are going to stir the pot, you have to lick the spoon at some point. At the end of their conversation in the store, Briana tells Jasmine she is shaking because she is tired of the games the girls play against her.



"Little Women LA": The "F" Word!


Later Jasmine meets up with Terra. Jasmine again brings up the F word. Jasmine tries to passively aggressively lay into Terra. Jasmine accuses Terra of “unknowingly” using the word fierce in her book title. Jasmine proceeds to tell Terra how Briana always refers to herself as “#little fierce momma” on her social media. Jasmine tells Terra she thinks the word fierce is extremely important to Briana. If a word is the only thing Briana is holding important, “Houston we have a problem”. Terra throws her head back and groaning says “Oh my God”. Girl, I feel you. I think a lot of viewers were doing the same thing. Personally, I rolled my eyes so far back in my head I thought they might be stuck. But but but, Jasmine quickly tells Terra how Briana has a meaning to the word fierce and she uses the word ALL THE TIME. Terra rebuts with, “well yeah, so does Shakespeare”. Briana getting upset about Terra using “fierce” equates to a toddler having a temper tantrum because someone took the blue cupcake because only I like blue so no one else can have it or like it.


Jasmine tells Terra how Terra embodies the word fierce. Sounds like a compliment right? That would be too easy. Jasmine continues on telling Terra since she has never heard Terra use the word around her before, Terra relinquishes any right to use the word in her book title. Terra points out how Briana does not go around using the word or calling herself little fierce momma in public. Jasmine says Briana does not have to. So let me get this straight, Terra is not supposed to use the word because no one has never heard the word fierce grace Terra’s lips but Briana can claim the word even though she does not say it either. Does Jasmine realize how stupid that sounds? Terra hits the nail on the head when she says Briana is using this issue to have another woe is me feel sorry for me trip. Jasmine goes as far as suggesting Terra rename her book. Terra says oh someone stole my adjective. Buy a vowel. Terra entertained the conversation with Terra much longer than I would have. Finally, Terra has enough of talking in a circle about a word and walks off, leaving Jasmine by herself.


Why does Jasmine hold Briana to a different standard than Terra? Terra has to tell the world what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. If she does not the girls claim she is withholding information and not being transparent. Briana, on the other hand, does not have to tell anyone anything? Jasmine has made an announcement to the word regarding the word fierce: no one is allowed to say the word or use it in print unless you are Briana. I hope my article is safe. #fierce


Written by Tilly Tinson

“Keep your Spirit Salty” ~Tilly


















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