‘Little Women: LA’ Terra Jole and Lila Call Feud Still On!

'Little Women: LA' Terra Jole and Lila Call Feud Still On!

‘Little Women: LA’ Terra Jole and Lila Call Feud Still On!

Terra Jole has been having much success on DWTS and she is getting support from her Little Women costars, but from Lila Call, not so much. Lila said she is proud that a little person is making history on the show but is not as proud or happy that it is Terra Jole that is doing it. No love lost there. Lila says in a recent interview “I’m totally stoked for her in all honesty, and just being humble, like what a pioneer. I keep saying that, she really is, forget about being little, she just had a baby!” Okay, that’s a compliment.

Lila also thinks that Terra is taller than her but then adds that Terra is also fatter. Lila also says that Terra should have been paired with another little person professional dancer and not an average sized person. Then the big guns came out as Lila added “She’s huge! Did you ever see that big fat cupcake a**? I try to slow it down to look at the footwork to see if technicality and things like that were there, I don’t think there was. I don’t think it’s possible — our bodies just don’t do that.” Oh no she didn’t. No fat shaming allowed Lila Call.

So, I’m guessing the feud is still on between the two ladies. Terra is a great contestant and is doing well with her average sized partner Sasha Farber. We wish Terra Jole luck in this competition.

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