“Little Women: LA” Terra Jole Another New Show?

“Little Women: LA” Terra Jole New Show?
“Little Women: LA” Terra Jole
Another New Show?

Terra Jole telling secrets about a new show that may be starting called “Little Women Texas” Terra is executive producer at Lifetime studios for “Little Women LA and is also very busy with executive producer responsibilities of “Terra’s Little Family”. Now she has joined season 23 of “Dancing with The Stars.” Terra is teaming up with professional dancer Sasha Farber and he is working her very hard for their upcoming competitions. Terra must have lots of energy with a recent newborn baby boy and a year-old baby girl.

“Little Women: LA” Terra Jole New Show?

Terra seems to thrive on staying busy because busy she is and will be for the foreseeable future. There is no stopping this woman, and talk of a “Little Women: Texas” show in the works? To top off Terra’s busy life there is also a matter of assault charges being brought against her by one of her cast mates Christy McGinity Gibel, more on that as additional details come in.

“Little Women: LA” Terra Jole Another New Show?

We wish Terra Jole well on her new endeavor and hope she can take home the coveted mirrored ball to add to her list of successes. Good luck Terra!

Written by Cheryl S.

“Be the change” ~ Cheryl


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