“Little Women LA” Some Things Are Just Left In The Past


Hello, “Little Women LA” fans.

Christy Gibel (@lilchristyrocks) was in a video back in 2012 . She was hoping it would never surfaced. You know how some people are, having to dig up stuff just to have something on you. Some things just need to be in the past. Yes, she made a video and said the “M” word. Ok, she did it. But we all, including the women on the show, have had our fair share of mess ups. Christy is trying to say she is sorry and be a better person now. They can’t  just give her that. A lot of Little People find that word very derogatory towards them, but she doesn’t going around saying it  now. I am team Christy! I think the haters are going to hate and  are just always trying to be nosey.

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Written by Misty

“Past is dead” ~Misty
















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