“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

Viewers of “Little Women: LA” are well aware of Matt Ericson’s abhorrent behavior on the show. Having said that, viewers are probably more bothered by Briana Renee’s reaction (or lack thereof) to Matt’s actions. I’ve always wondered by does Briana put with his sh*t? At first I, like many, attributed it to Briana having low self-esteem. The more I think about it (especially after the reunion), I’ve come to the conclusion that Matt and Briana may have an open marriage. At the very least, Briana has agreed to Matt having an open marriage with her. Briana’s low self-esteem may have been what made her agree with it.

“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

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Have you noticed Briana does not get upset about what Matt does unless the other women from the show are around? It’s almost like she does the other ladies want her to be mad, so she plays the role very well when she calls Matt out in front of others.

“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

Matt and Briana having an open marriage could also explain Matt’s blase reaction to Briana confronting him on the boat in Alaska.

“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

What do you think? Do you think Matt and Briana have some sort of an agreement for an open marriage? Or do you think Briana’s self-esteem is so low she doesn’t bother to stand up for herself anymore?

Written by Tilly Tinson

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1 thought on ““Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!


    (August 10, 2017 - 7:33 am)

    I’ve enjoyed the “Little Women” series since the day it first aired, and SOME of these women are so inspirational! Elena, Christy, and Jazmin are such AMAZING Moms and strong women!! However, as a busy woman that has to record it so I can watch when I can, I’m sad to say I’m just about over it. I used to adore Terra, but it seems as though she lacks the ability to see anyone else’s perspective. She seems to have become an arrogant loud mouth. She disrespects her friends in a way that is so childish! Very self centered and I hope that changes, bcuz SHE was my favorite! Briana,,,wow, where to begin! She is the epitome of weakness. Hearing her even use the WORD “fierce” is LAUGHABLE! Girl! You’re a timid, weak, spineless door mat! I don’t care how much red lipstick she piles on- it’s so pathetic to watch her that I try to fast forward scenes with her! As a survivor of domestic violence, physical, emotional, and mental I see her interact with Matt and it makes me sick! Matt reminds me very much of my ex!! A grown man that has ZERO clue, class, respect for anyone, and he is beyond immature. His desperation to be “cool,” is a joke! Matt is a punk! He doesn’t want to hear ANY feedback, even when it’s constructive and could be helpful. His arrogance cracks me up when I’m not wanting to beat his ass myself! Dude, you’re OLD. His insecurity and desperate need for attention from women is something you’d expect from a YOUNG man, not this “Grown” (😂😂😂) man. It’s all about HIM. He tries to act so nonchalant that it is CLEARLY OBVIOUS that the only reasons they’re even together is 1-Maverick (I see Matt as the kind of pig that would RUN from paying child support, as well as the dad that promises to show up, but if the chance to get laid comes along he’s flake on his own child!) And 2- probably the saddesr reason, Briana acts like she’d literally DIE without him. Ride or Die? Oh, so you heard a Tupac song? What a joke! Neither of them have a damn clue what it means to truly be, “Ride or Die.” More like “Drunk and Cry”!!😂😂😂 Matt, sitting in a corner whispering about WHAT he gonna do (ALL the time!) He ain’t about sh*t! REAL men don’t run their mouths. Get real Matt! In the streets you’d be a punkbitch! You’d get beat down everutime you got caught whispering about how tough he is! Jordan would bear his ASS! The blatant disrespect he has for his wife says that he is doesn’t have a real dad, or whoever raised his bitchass screwed up BIG TIME! EPIC FAIL MATT’S PARENTS! Matt whispering all his garbage to Brian’s. They play the role. The role of drunk tough guy (he’s seriously a pussy!) And Briana- the spineless, helpless damsel in distress that pleads, “No Matt. Dont.” Both of them need to be thrown off the show. They disgust me. They’re the perfect example of toxic, pathetic, desperate, weak, and STUPID! They’re the definition of STUPID! As much as I adore the other ladies, (Terra! Please just humble yourself and become empathetic so you can be the total package of FIERCE & BADASS that we all know you truly are!!) I cant use what little free time I have to watch tv on a show that has a drunken drama queen (Matt) and Briana, the perpetual victim that defends his CONSTANT DISRESPECT OF ALL WOMEN. My time is too valuable to watch a show that makes me so furious that I’ve considered finding them in person!(WE IN LA, TOO MATT! PUNKASS B*TCH) I’d let my husband, who loves,adores,respects, and cherishes me
    ( because that’s what a real husband does) lay him out, and Id probably spit in Brian’s face or shake the crap out of her! Y’all ain’t gangstas, Y’all ain’t bad or tough, and NEITHER OF YOU ARE EVEN A SLIVER OF FIERCE! Since Matt can do no wrong, and if he does it’s only bcuz SHE made him, I’m about to go back to watching anything that has less emphasize on being a “woe is me victim” like dumbass Briana, and a little b*rch boy that disrespects everyone and can’t take ANY accountability for his own mistakes. Briana, get it together! Grow up, be a mom your kids can see as a STRONG woman, not a weakass pushover that’s so insecure that you’ll put up with anything Matt does to you! And Matt, grow up! Own your shit! Quit blaming her for everything you do wrong! No doubt she probably pushes you, and I’m sure you have tried in your marriage, but dude- GET A DIVORCE ALREADY! BOTH OF YOU aren’t deserving of respect from viewers, society, or even your own families! How are you two so blind to the damage you’re doing to eachother??!! I’ve never seen two people who DO NOT belong together more. So toxic, but so stupid it’s impossible to even feel sorry for either of them! If you guys can’t get help, get it together, or grow the HELL up and start OWNING your shit, then you both deserve every ounce of misery, drama, and STD’s that you get!! Everyone else on the show, especially Jazmin & Elena, seem like strong, FIERCE, intelligent women that love their families and RESPECT THEMSELVES! This show can be SOOO INSPIRATIONAL…until either DrunkBoy and WannabePinup come onto the scene. Thank goodness for the option to FAST FORWARD their crappy scenes. Briana couldn’t inspire a weed to grow. Matt doesn’t have a clue what being a REAL MAN even means. Seriously, if I didn’t love the show as much as I do I would not have so much to say about it! Especially because I could see a possibility, someday, of Briana becoming a stronger, independent woman without chasing her abuse. Matt, you need professional help so that ypu,too, can find the potential to grow up, respect women, and be a good dad. No amount of hugs and kisses will prevent either of you from screwing up those kids. BE PARENTS! You’re both selfish drama addicts so obsessed with eachother I doubt you’d even notice, ( and if you did you’d either deny it or defend it) the damage being done to your family. Someday, when your daughter is victimized or your son slaps women dont be shocked and clueless where they learned it! Your parents marriage sets the bar for what type of relationship they will have with their significant others someday and if this crap is what you want for them, then just keep doing what you’re doing because no doubt- you’re messing those kids up. I left because I chose to love my children more than my husband. As a mother I have an obligation to protect my children, to prevent them from any harm, and to guide them through this life to become good, healthy people that will inspire others and treat everyone with respect… and neither one of you are even close to being capable of doing any of those things!! As much as I’d love to debate or discuss how they appear with either of them, honestly I would much prefer a good old-fashioned street fight so I can whoop their asses in the hopes of knocking some sense into them both!!!

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