“Little Women: LA” Martyr Tells All About Matt

“Little Women: LA” Martyr Tells All About Matt

“Little Women: LA” Martyr Tells All About Matt

Martyr tells all about Matt Grundhoffer, Briana Renee’s husband and the sexting scandal. Beautiful transgender model Plastic Martyr reveals that menacing Matt sexted her while Briana Renee was pregnant with their first child. Martyr explains that she did not solicit those salacious text messages or pornographic pictures from Matt Grundhoffer. She turned down all of his invitations and says “That’s when I stopped responding because it was uncomfortable. I tried to diffuse it and act dumb like I didn’t get the innuendo, but then I finally got it and stopped talking to him.”

Martyr also regrets coming onto the “Little Women: LA” show, but “the truth needed to come out.”
Allegedly, Matt told Martyr that he has a “fetish” for transgenders and has also slept with men. Martyr explains that she “transgendered to female and wants to be seen as female.” Martyr also says that she is not and has never been Matt’s mistress and has never met Matt in person and “doesn’t sleep with married men.” Martyr is right in one respect and that is she doesn’t have to sleep with married men, as she says “I’m a model, I can get any guy I wanted. I don’t need Briana’s husband.” End of story. I for one believe Plastic Martyr.

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