“Little Women: LA” Christy McGinity Gibel Suffers a Stroke

Christy McGinity Gibel suffered a stroke during neck surgery on November 29, 2016. At present, Christy is working with several therapists to get her back to a healthy state so that she can get on with life. Christy stated that “I am not the same, and may never be,” and “Every day is an uphill battle to do things in my life that I took for granted, like speaking.” Christy also explained “How can I take care of my family? I am still the mama bear of the house, and expected to run it, sick or not.”

Regretfully, her “Little Women” cast mates have not been supportive of her condition and have not come by to offer help or hello’s. Christy is not the most liked little person of the cast and says about her cast mates “I work with these girls. Fighting or not, I am concerned with their well-being. It’s called being human.”

Hopefully, Christy will get back to normal soon and turn over a new leaf with some of the ladies on the show. Big changes would have to be made for Christy to have a relationship with her cast mates good or indifferent. Good luck Christy!

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Written by Cheryl S

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