“Little Women” Big Fight!

“Little Women” Big Fight!

“Little Women: Dallas” Amanda Loy and Caylea Woodbury may have put any UFC fighter to shame with their fight.

“Little Women” Big Fight!“Little Women” Big Fight!

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The fight started with Caylea throwing (and landing) the first punch. The altercation took place at a club while the women were filming Season 2. What set Caylea off? Apparently, Caylea found out Amanda was dating one of her ex’s. Amanda isn’t the first woman to have dated someone’s ex-boyfriend. The reason this information set Caylea off is this particular ex is the one who got her pregnant last season. Viewers will also recall Caylea, unfortunately, lost the baby by suffering a miscarriage.

“Little Women” Big Fight!

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured by the fight, well other than their pride, and no one made a visit to the hospital.

“Little Women” Big Fight!

Amanda took the last jab when she said, “She hits like a little girl!”

“Little Women” Big Fight!

Season 2 of “Little Women: Dallas” premieres October 4 on Lifetime.

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