Lindsay Lohan’s Parents in Possible Suit Against Senator?!

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 Lindsay Lohan's Parents in Possible Suit Against Senator?!

Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, state that they are seeking legal counsel in regards to a statement made by Lousiana Senator John Kennedy. They state that the Senator made a slanderous statement in regards to Lindsay.

Wednesday, there was a Senate Hearing regarding the Eqifax Data hack. CEO Richard Smith was asked why he signed a 7.25 million IRS contract for identity verification after the breach. Senator John Kennedy stated, ” You do realize that to many Americans right now, that looks like we are giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar.” Lindsay Lohan has had a very public battle with her addictions and she has since sought treatment and by all reports is doing well.

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This statement has Lindsay’s parents very upset and they want to know why Lindsay’s name is even being associated with the event. They have spoken exclusively to Gossip Cop and state that the Senator’s comments were,”scandalous, inappropriate, and unwarranted.”

However, there is a small wrinkle in their plan to sue. Lindsay is over 18 and can sue on her own behalf. As long as Lindsay has not signed over power of attorney or been declared incompetent to handle her own affairs, there should not be a reason for her parents to sue. So far Lindsay Lohan has remained silent on the matter.

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