Life After Miscarriage: ‘Married at First Sight’ Doug and Jamie Hehner’s Gender Reveal!

Doug and Jamie Hehner, stars of the ‘Married at First Sight’ season 1 and its spin-off ‘Married Life’ have announced the sex of their baby. At 22 weeks pregnant, The Hehners revealed they are having a baby girl. Fans are overjoyed as this is the couple’s second pregnancy. The first ended at 17 weeks due to expected developmental issues of the unborn fetus. The angel baby was a little boy, too early to live outside of the womb. The Hehners named him Jonathan.


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It is absolutely wonderful to receive such great news at after a devastating loss. Jamie states she and Doug know that Johnathan is looking down on his sister from heaven. News of their second pregnancy was received the day Jonathan was due.


Jamie spoke to People Magazine about finding out the gender of the baby. Jamie stated she was absolutely certain she and Doug were having another boy, but her mother-in-law insisted it was a girl! Mothers know best.




Or maybe not. Jamie says she followed Old Wives tales that led her to believe the symptoms (or lack their of) indicated a boy. And while she secretly always wanted to have a girl to dote on and treat as a “mini-me”, the health of the baby was the most important aspect of their second pregnancy. As expected, The Hehners can not wait to meet their miracle child. A name for their growing baby has not been chosen at this time.


To date, The Hehners are considered ‘Married at First Sight’s’ most successful couple. Although, Doug and Jamie are not the only two to stay married after the show, their commitment may come as a shock to some because their initial meeting -at the altar- was all but smooth. Jamie considered not going forward with the marriage, because she did not find Dough the least bit attractive. On the other hand, he considered her a goddess. Then there was the phase of their relationship where they constantly fought. Also, let us not forget about Jamie’s past as a contestant on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’. Some close to Doug doubted her seriousness.



Now the married couple of 3 years plan to buy a home together and build a nursery for their second child.
Sounds like a regular couple, no? That’s because this modern day arranged pair is exactly that.


Congratulations to Doug and Jamie Hehner! We wish them and their growing baby all the best!


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Written by Nat Philmore

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