Lauren Conrad Introduces Infant Son and Shares First Photos!!

Lauren Conrad Introduces Infant Son and Shares First Photos!!

Former MTV reality star Lauren Conrad and husband William Tell welcomed their son, William “Liam” James on July 5th but just introduced the newborn via People Magazine on August 2nd. Lauren shared that it was one of her family’s favorite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, who shot the photos a week after Liam’s birth for this week’s issue of People Magazine. The fashion designer and author opened up to the magazine, sharing her son’s story and his first photos.

Lauren Conrad Introduces Infant Son and Shares First Photos!!

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“Before the delivery, I felt like I was getting ready for a blind date,” Lauren said to People Magazine. “We considered doing the 4D ultrasound but then decided to wait. I just remember thinking he was so cute — and I was surprised by how tiny he was.” Lauren continued, “I was convinced I was having a giant baby, to the point where I didn’t even buy newborn clothes — in my head he was 9 lbs.” Baby Liam was actually born weighing 6 lbs., 14 oz.

Lauren Conrad Introduces Infant Son and Shares First Photos!!

Lauren also shared her excitement about having a boy. “I always hoped I would have a boy,” she said. “Boys are so fun. I was a tomboy, and I always play best with boys. When we found out, I was so excited.” Although she gave birth less than a month ago, the couple are already planning on having more babies! “I was looking at him the other day, and I was like, ‘I understand now why people keep having babies! We’ll probably have two. I think it’s best not to be outnumbered.”, Lauren said.

Lauren and her husband William were married at a boutique winery in Santa Ynez, California back in September 2014. The couple decided to find out the sex of their child before he was born. “I don’t really love surprises,” Lauren explained. “I like to have all the information. And I was sharing my body with someone — so I wanted to know as much as possible about him.”

Lauren Conrad Introduces Infant Son and Shares First Photos!!

When asked who Conrad believes her son looks like, she said, “sort of a combo of both of us. He definitely looks like William. But he’s still so tiny it’s hard to tell!” Did Lauren always know that she wanted to be a mom? “In my early 20s I was open to having them or not having them. But after meeting William, I changed my mind,” she said. “I knew I wanted to have a family with him. But I didn’t want to do it right away.” She continued, “I’m crazy about Liam, but I never really got baby fever. We wanted to enjoy being married and to really be in the right space. We took our time, so it was something to look forward to.”
According to Lauren, so far everything is going very well and she is savoring these moments as a first time mom. “I feel so spoiled. Liam is such a good baby. I’m sleeping three to four hours at a time. This morning I was up at 4 a.m. and I wasn’t even tired, so I cleaned the kitchen and did some cooking. William was like, ‘You’re crazy!’, she revealed. Lauren also shared that she is not feeling any pressure to lose the baby weight and that
Spanx exists for a reason.” The new mom also has a special routine with her son. “His last nighttime feeding is right around when the sun comes up, so I sit and feed him and watch the sun rise,” she said. “He’s funny to watch — he makes really funny little expressions. I’m already stressing out because I want him to stay this tiny and I know he won’t. So I’m just trying to enjoy how itty-bitty he is.”

Lauren knows exactly what kind of mom she hopes to be. “I want to be strong and teach him to respect women. The mother-son relationship is so important. And I’m just excited to play again! I can’t wait to break out the finger paints. And I’m such a Disney nerd, so I get to watch those movies with someone who is seeing them for the first time.”

“I worked hard to get here,” she added. “It took a lot. And it makes me appreciate my life now and value the peacefulness. I’m really lucky. And I know that.”
Lauren announced her pregnancy on New Year’s Day and coincidentally, two of her former co-stars, Whitney Port and Heidi Montag, were also expecting their first children. Fans of the former reality show “The Hills”, were excited to hear about all of the new babies coming! Back in April, Whitney told KTLA 5 Morning News in LA, “It’s crazy. You would think we all like got together one night and discussed this master plan. Just totally a coincidence and it’s been really awesome.” Whitney gave birth to a boy named Sonny on July 27th and Heidi is still pregnant and also expecting a boy.

Who is looking forward to checking out this week’s edition of People Magazine to see more from Lauren and her family?

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