Late ‘Mob Wives’ Star Big Ang’s Sister Accused of Drugging Her to Death!

For show ‘Mob Wives’ family, friend and fans, the death of “Big Ang”/Angela Raiola in February 2016 was heartbreaking. Only months prior was in confirmed she was suffering from cancer, stage IV in her brain and lungs. The single ray of light coming from this dark news, was the tremendous support Big Ang received from her loved ones. This much was apparent across social media with pictures of happy times despite the pain. That is why a surprising accusation from her brother George Raiola that their sister, Janine Detore, killed Big Ang via over-medication, has us all on the edges of our seats.

 Late 'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang's Sister Accused of Drugging Her to Death!

According to a Facebook meltdown posted by Janine, George, someone named Paula, plus their friends and family (who are most likely Janine’s family too), said she poisoned the famed reality-star with 3.5 doses of a rice size oil. We are not quite sure what that entails. However, further down in her global post, Janine mentioned cannabis while attaching a link about overdose information associated with the drug.

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 Late 'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang's Sister Accused of Drugging Her to Death!

It is not clear how this backlash originated among the siblings, but now it has been made public. One thing is certain, Janine loved Big Ang, was the only one who took care of her while she was dying and Janine would do it again in a heartbeat! At least that is what this enraged sister claimed on her Facebook March 7, 2017. She also called their brother a RAT, which as we know from the show, is basically verbal decimation of George’s character. Furthermore, Janine makes it clear she is completely done with that side of the family. She wants nothing else to do with any of them.


It is hard to say which of Big Ang’s siblings is telling the accurate story. However, we find it is usually a mixture of several accounts that paints the right picture. Either way, it is safe to say that Big Ang would not want this type of hostility in her name. We hope the family can settle their dispute as quickly as possible.

Continue to rest in peace Big Ang.

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To Love Is To Live~ Nat





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