Lamar Odom…Betrayed?!

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Lamar Odom...Betrayed?!

Lamar was feeling betrayed when he found out at the same time we all did that Khloe Kardashian lied about trying to get pregnant. He stated it’s ” A stab to the heart”. Who can blame him? I don’t but at the same time, I understand why Khloe kept this secret. Lamar has been through a lot these past few years, his coma in 2015, then his divorce in 2016.

What was Khloe thinking?

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Well, Lamar was in a bad back when they were married and she felt the need to protect him. She knew that bringing a child into their marriage was a mistake that could not be fixed.

So, why is Khloe now blaming him for everything? It does take two!

Lamar Odom...Betrayed?!

When they were together she did take some of the heat making her look like screw up in their marriage. She even said at one time she thought he was her soulmate, and having children was all she wanted with him.

Now Khloe says, “she and Tristan are doing great and she is really excited about their future together”. No more lies Khloe, always be upfront and honest with your potential soulmate.

Lies always have a way of coming back and biting you in that Kardashian butt of yours!

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