Kylie Jenner Flying Solo? Tyga Spends All Her Money?!

Kylie Jenner may be the baby of the Kardashian media empire, but she surely is no slouch when it comes to matching her siblings in ongoing broken relationships that never seem to truly end.

Enter Tyga – rapper, lover and baby daddy of her would have been sister-in law, Blac Chyna. He and Kylie can not seem to leave each other alone despite numerous break-ups in the past. Recently, news of another impending split for the couple has leaked to various news outlets such as Hollywood Life.

Apparently, Kylie has finally figured out that Tyga does not agree to repeatedly rekindle their relationship because of love. Instead, Tyga stays with Kylie due to his dependency on her cash generating celebrity status. Reportedly, these two have been fighting for months because Tyga spends all of Kylie’s mula! Trusted sources claim Tyga uses most of the money on lawsuits and partying.

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What makes matters worse is that Tyga seems to prefer lots of time away from the reality star. Accordingly, Kylie wants out. She is a gal who can sit home all alone, by herself and Snap Chat. She does not need a man bringing her down beyond that.

Kylie Jenner Flying Solo? Tyga Spends All Her Money?!

Despite what has been reported, Kylie and Tyga were seen traipsing in L.A. last week. Those closest to Kylie have alluded to Kylie’s moodiness. It is likely the tides have changed and winds have blown over their current drama. Afterall, Kylie is said to have been instrumental in helping Tyga to get a record deal with her brother-in-Law, Kanye West. Looks like Tyga will return to making his own money – an attractive feature. At that point, Kylie will be satisfied. Tyga will stand on his own, proving he is committed to solely to the sex…and love. Or he will ditch the entire scene. Only time and episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashian will tell.

We are not cynics over here. We wish these two the best no matter what they finally decide.

Written by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat





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