“KUWTK”: Will Kylie Be a Single Mom?!

"KUWTK": Will Kylie Be a Single Mom?!

Kylie’s worst nightmare is happening, allegedly her baby daddy Travis Scott has walked out on her. An insider told In Touch that Kylie thought she was starting the perfect family when she found out she was pregnant with rapper Travis’s baby and he dumped her shortly after. Kylie and Travis have been dating since April and it’s been said that he freaked out a little. According to a source “He went into a state of shock”, things are just moving too fast for him.

That’s how Kylie is feeling now, it’s embarrassing to be walked out on while your pregnant. Friends think that Travis will come back after he cools down because in spite of all the drama he loves her.

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"KUWTK": Will Kylie Be a Single Mom?!

Travis’s friend said he’s concerned about becoming the next victim of the Kardashian curse even though Kylie is a Jenner. Travis feels pressured to be on KUWTK and that’s just not his thing. He is the opposite of Kylie’s ex-BF Tyga who would do anything to be on camera to promote himself.

Kylie hasn’t talked about this to her family because she doesn’t want to hear “I told you so” they think her relationship with Travis is a mistake. Mistake or not she’s having this baby so wake up Travis and do the right thing by your baby and your baby mama!

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