“KUWTK”: Kylie Worried About Big Brother Rob’s State of Mind!

"KUWTK": Kylie Worried About Big Brother Rob's State of Mind!

Rob Kardashian had been battling depression for awhile, he gained a lot of weight and went into hiding basically.
When he hooked up with Blac Chyna his sisters warned him about her, especially Kylie.  Kylie was dating Tyga who fathered a child with Blac Chyna, so she has first-hand info for her big brother. Rob ignored is sisters warnings and fell in love with Blac Chyna, and had a baby girl, Dream.

"KUWTK": Kylie Worried About Big Brother Rob's State of Mind!

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Rob and Chyna have has some knocked down dragged out fights, but always seemed to get back together. allegedly Chyna has been cheating on Rob, so this is now the end of this relationship, (which was doomed from the start). Allegedly Chyna was posting pics of her and a guy she was sleeping with for all the world to see. Rob decided to take matters into his own hands and started posting nude pics of Chyna on Instagram and Twitter. Rob’s accounts were suspended due to revenge porn. He also announced to the world that he paid for plastic surgery for her after Dream was born. We now know that Chyna has hired an attorney to file a restraining order against Rob. Chyna allegedly stated that Rob physically abused her, I think it was the other way around, she probably abused him.

Kylie is worried about Rob’s state of mind through all of this. She doesn’t want to see him fall back into a severe depression. He seemed to be doing better at one point, even had a life coach/therapist. His mom Kris contacted the producers and said to start shooting right away instead of waiting til next month. Kris knows the drama between Rob and Chyna will boost ratings. Way to go Kris always thinking about $$. How about thinking about your son’s situation and what it might do to him. As any mom would do, she is standing behind her son and saying that Chyna is at fault.

"KUWTK": Kylie Worried About Big Brother Rob's State of Mind!

Rumor has it that Rob is going to fight for full custody of dream. Rob is a devoted dad from what we have seen. but who is the better choice for their daughter? They have a spoken agreement where Rob gets dream Sunday through Thursday. According to a source, he didn’t bring dream home the other night.

Rob posted on Instagram that Chyna wouldn’t see dream unless she stopped drinking and drugs, So where is Dream? She isn’t with Rob or Chyna. On Friday Chyna had the baby and even did a snap chat with Dream.

"KUWTK": Kylie Worried About Big Brother Rob's State of Mind!

We haven’t heard too much from the Kardashians but apparently, Rob’s sisters are not happy with him either. They love their brother but know that he was wrong in posting the revenge porn.

What will happen to Rob if he goes to court? What is going to happen to baby Dream? Are the insinuations Rob made against Chyna true?  Or are hers the truth. Remember there are 3 sides to every story “His, Hers and the Truth”!

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