“KUWTK”: Kylie Jenner’s Camo Fashion Copied?!

"KUWTK": Kylie Jenner's Camo Fashion Copied?!

Kylie Jenner’s new Camo fashion line is making waves in the fashion industry. Almost as soon as photos of Kylie’s new line appeared on the Internet, there was a buzz on social media about her new line being a “copy and paste” version of PluggedNYC. According to Hollywood Reporter, Kylie has been a customer in the past previously placing orders for their clothing . Actually, the camouflage look is NOT new and was previously worn by members of Destiny’s Child in their Survivor video going back to 2000.. There seems to be many posts and comments indicating that Kylie has been attributed with starting the trend but it is clearly not the case..

"KUWTK": Kylie Jenner's Camo Fashion Copied?!

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This isn’t the first time Kylie has been accused of “ripping off” designs. Seventeen magazine said in February of 2017 that Kylie’s Flame Line of sweats and hoodies looked similar to Cake Asia. another urban fashion line. . In addition, Yahoo Style reported that there has been an ongoing controversy with Vlada Haggerty makeup artist regarding her makeup line as well.

"KUWTK": Kylie Jenner's Camo Fashion Copied?!

Kylie reportedly has not responded to the clothing line allegations. However, Vlada Haggerty had threatened Kylie Cosmetics in the past with a lawsuit for copying her work. The lawsuit was never filed since Kylie subsequently credited her red lip and gold hands photo to Vlada’s work.

"KUWTK": Kylie Jenner's Camo Fashion Copied?!

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