“KUWTK”: Khloe & Tristan & Baby Makes 3?!?!

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Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan threw a surprise party for her birthday and that’s when the rumors started, did they get engaged? Are they having a baby?

"KUWTK": Khloe & Tristan & Baby Makes 3?!?!

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According to a source Tristan went all out for her birthday from having a gold cake and Khloe’s signature “KoKo” balloons. The pictures they took is where the rumors started about Khloe being pregnant. Allegedly they have nicknames for each other”Mom and Dad”

So are they just cute nicknames or is it true? According to a source Khloe was wearing a rock on her left hand and we know they have been talking about their future, so is their future upon them already?

First comes love then comes marriage in their case engagement so, is a baby carriage a great gift for their engagement?

I guess we will have to wait and find out

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