“KUWTK”: Keeping Up With The Karbs!

"KUWTK": Keeping Up With The Karbs!

Whether Kylie likes carbs or not, Momager Kris, is force feeding her so she will have a healthy baby. Kylie is fearful of gaining too much weight during her pregnancy, she is afraid of not losing the weight after she has the baby. Kris has hired a nutritionist, a chef, and a pregnancy coach. Kris wants to make sure her meals are prepared so she knows Kylie will be eating healthy. She also wants to make sure she gets plenty of rest and exercise. Kylie is completely obsessed with making sure she loses the baby weight so she can get back to her pre-pregnancy figure. Kylie wants to make sure her baby is healthy too, so she is following her mom’s orders. According to a source, Kylie is craving Smoothies, she is also loving pasta and the carbs, which she is not used too. Kylie has been like a baby because she needs her mommy now more than ever!

"KUWTK": Keeping Up With The Karbs!

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What do we think about her being so obsessed with weight? Is it not healthy for her or the baby? Any mom no matter who they are will make sure their children take care of themselves and the baby they are carrying. Is Kris being just as obsessive?

"KUWTK": Keeping Up With The Karbs!

Kylie just eat right and get plenty of rest and the Momager will be happy!

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