KUWTK~ Is Scott cleaning up his act?

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Is Kourtney forgiving Scott?

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Kourtney Kardashian is softening up on Scott Disick for the children’s sake, but make no mistake she is not going to let him get away with his antics.
It’s been weeks since they have spoken.
Scott Disick changes women like he changes his clothes. He’s been seen with Bella Thorne, Sofia Richie, and Chloe Bartoli. Scott is chasing the young women in Hollywood.

Kourt wants her children to have a relationship with their father and not letting him see them is only hurting them, even though they are not on speaking terms.
Scott was seen having lunch with Penelope in Calabasas this past week. I am sure he’ll be seen with Mason and Reign soon. Is he taking Kourtney’s advice?

His children are the best influence on him, it keeps him out of the bar scene and away from the young ladies. He was spotted with Sofia Richie recently, but will Scott do what’s right for his family? Will he and Kourt be back on track in the future? Only time will tell
Scott wake up and be a grown up and get back to your family!

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