“KUWTK”: Is Kim Going Off Social Media Again?!

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"KUWTK": Is Kim Going Off Social Media Again?!

Kim K West was recently bashed on social media about the use of cocaine. In a picture, she posted there were two white looking lines on the coffee table, People just automatically assumed that she was snorting coke, Kim thought it was the candy Pixie Stix but turns out it was the marble design on the table.

"KUWTK": Is Kim Going Off Social Media Again?!

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This is what happens when you assume. Kanye, Kim’s husband is not happy about this and wants her to get off of social media again. Kim was off social media last year after she was robbed in Paris. Kanye stated he can handle it when it comes to him, but doesn’t want his wife hurt or bashed on social media. She was also being attacked for allowing North to wear a corset. Kim took to social media to explain it was a free flowing dress made with cotton that laced up the front.

Kanye is pushing her to take another break from social media because he doesn’t like seeing her upset. Well, stop posting everything you do and this won’t happen. With everything that is going on with Kardashian/Jenner family, you would think they would be more careful about what they post. Look what happened with Rob posting revenge porn. Kendall and Kylie’s shirt design problems also.

This has been a very intense month for this family.

Stop posting your life on social media!

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