“KUWTK”: Is It The Beginning Of The End?!

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"KUWTK": Is It The Beginning Of The End?!

Sunday night’s finale of Keeping up with the Kardashians was an eventful one at best. I actually enjoyed this one. It’s ironic how this crazy season from Kim’s scary robbery to the rocky relationship of Caitlyn and the family, now we see Kim asking Khloe to be a surrogate for her to have another baby. So why was this the lowest rated? is it the end of the show for good? I guess only time will tell!

Kim asked Khloe to be her surrogate, they went to the fertility doctor and Khloe found out she didn’t have enough follicles. The Dr. advised her to go off of birth control and come back to get another ultrasound. This is when the news came out that Khloe was fake trying to get pregnant for Lamar’s sake. She had her follow-up appointment and found her follicle count was normal now. Khloe said I get all these hormones out of my system and I’m the FN Easter bunny. They discussed the surrogacy with Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s boyfriend and he stated it’s whatever she wants. Tristan said he wants to have a family with Khloe, and at least 5 or 6 kids, I think she was a little taken back by that. She said we will start with one and go from there. She stated now that she’s not on birth control it’s a little scary.

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"KUWTK": Is It The Beginning Of The End?!

As for Kourtney, we saw her getting her life in order with her 3 children after her split with Scott Disick. She stated after everything that happened in Costa Rica…it was God’s way of telling me Scott and I are not meant to be together. She said she sneaks around town like a slithering snake, trying to keep everything as low-key as possible.

Khloe was teasing Kylie about her reality show “Life of Kylie” it was a plug for the spinoff. Khloe said she’s excited to see it because she really doesn’t know what Kylie does all day long.

We saw Rob celebrating his Dirty 30, just family in a theater with what looked to be a leprechaun-themed party. we saw a picture of Rob when he was little dressed all in green, aww how cute was he?

"KUWTK": Is It The Beginning Of The End?!

Kris Jenner ended the season with saying that the family might be expanding, she said “you never know when to expect another grandchild. It’s all about who is next”….but will we see this on TV?

The ratings have been declining and rumors of the show being canceled have been out there for months.

Well, when it comes to Kris Jenner she won’t go down without a fight, that much we do know!

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