Kristina Brown’s Death: Why is Nick Gordon still Free?!

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Kristina Brown's Death: Why is Nick Gordon still Free?!

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s mysterious death, in my opinion, was not looked at deeply, nor as thoroughly as it should have been. Why? The drugs, the money, and the shady Nick Gordon raised my eyebrow a mile high.

The details surrounding the death scene were identical to those of Kristina’s late mother, Whitney Houston. When I heard the news of Bobbi Kristina’s death, I thought, “you can’t make this stuff up.” Something smelled mighty foul to me.

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Kristina Brown's Death: Why is Nick Gordon still Free?!

When I heard the details of her death, I immediately thought it was too bizarre to be a mere unfortunate coincidence. I found it to be the perfect script for an Agatha Christi murder mystery.

Her parents and family obviously feel the same way I do. I applaud them for wanting to get to the truth in this case. But I think they should have intervened in Bobbi Kristina’s life and torn her away from the downhill lifestyle she was leading. Nick Gordon should have been shown the door with a swift kick. But it’s too late for that now. Their only hope is to find proof that this low-life had something to do with what killed Bobbi Kristina.

It may be a difficult thing to prove this guy guilty, since they found Bobbi Kristina unresponsive in a tub filled with water. Much of the physical evidence was washed down the drain. Which means exhuming her body and giving her a second autopsy may prove futile.

According to a source this guy has a history of beating and abusing his girlfriends. He left one young lady beaten so badly she was close to death’s door. Luckily, for her she got away from him and lived to tell the story of his murderous behavior.

Kristina Brown's Death: Why is Nick Gordon still Free?!


I hope Nick Gordon gets what he deserves, if not on this earth at his final stop before his maker. If he is guilty of Bobbi Kristina’s death he deserves to be put behind bars before he does this again to someone else’s daughter.

Bobbi Kristina passed away July of 2016 after being in a coma for six months. It is such a tragic story and her life was not all that great either. Rip Bobbi Kristina.

“I think they should exhume Bobbi Kristina’s body, and make a determination as to the fact that Nick Gordon murdered her. He was responsible for her death!”
That comes from a family source, RadarOnline reports.

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