Kris and Caitlyn, “Working Things Out”?

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Kris and Caitlyn, "Working Things Out"?

According to Radar online Kris’s boyfriend, Corey, is being pushed out and Kris wants Cait on the show again. One thing for sure Kris in not sexually attracted to her ex. We have seen some outlandish stories that Kris wants Bruce back. There was even a story that Kris Jenner will transition to a man. LOL, boy can people tell stories!

Kris, according to sources, is inviting Cait over and they are talking again. Ok, big question mark on that?? We know that the show ‘KUWTK’ has lost some ratings. However, if Cait joins again she wants the big $$$. According to a news source, the show was getting higher ratings when Caitlyn appeared on the show.

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Kris and Caitlyn, "Working Things Out"?

We really will never know the behind the scenes talks about her coming back, but you can bet if she does the money will be flowing! We know that “I am Cait” was canceled and that Caitlyn is looking for another payday! So is there another reality show in the works for her? Sadly her show didn’t draw the audience that KUWTK did.

So, will Cait rejoin ‘KUWTK’ or will she venture out on her own and say the hell with the Kardashians?

One thing for sure, there will be a battle on the show between Kris and Cait for the attention they both love getting!!

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