Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Terror in Paris

Kim Kardashian is still working through her trauma of being in the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians she discussed the attack with her family. She discussed how she was not going to let this diminish her as a person. She took to twitter and said that she would only let it make her stronger.

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Terror in Paris

10 men were charged with the crime of breaking into her hotel room and stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Kim admits that she was afraid they would rape and kill her. She states one man grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. Kim states that she was mentally prepared to be raped and killed but he only taped her legs shut. One man stated the crime as easy.

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I am sure that her ability to stay mentally strong is strengthened by the fact that the persons responsible were caught, along with the fact that her family who is so close and always has each other’s back.

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