Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed! Please Stop!

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Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed! Please Stop!

Oh no they didn’t! What in the world is wrong with people!?

Why can’t they just mind their own business and check their own flaws at the door instead of getting sick satisfaction by bullying and criticizing other people for the way they look.

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Kelley may say she’s OK with it and take it like a champ. But it does hurt whether she admits to it or not. If I were her I’d get off of twitter. It’s not a vital part of life! Geez. Ditch the critics, Kelly.

It infuriates me when people think their behinds don’t stink. But hey, karma is a good old kick in the butt and it will come calling in due time.

Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed! Please Stop!

People who choose to body shame others are sick individuals. They thrive on spewing their poison with their destructive and evil behavior. They dance with glee by inflicting pain on the defenseless or kindhearted folks. These culprits live to cause turmoil and pain. They could care less what they are doing to there victims.

Kelly wrote a sweet message on twitter to our heroes in the military on the Fourth of July.

This is what she wrote: “Thank u 2 every person in the service 4 protecting all of us and cheers to every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence.”

So one guy decides to chime in with “you’re fat.”
What the heck did that have to do with her tweet!? Cliff Cherokee get a life and grow up. Shame on you, buddy.

It’s seems like there is a sick epidemic of this type of behavior. Kelly had a great response for her verbal attacker. (minus the expletive) in my opinion that was not necessary for her to get her point across.

I can totally relate to her experiences with people trying to bring her down. I’ve been a victim of verbal and emotional abuse for longer than I’d like to remember. No matter how strong a person is, those words do cut like a knife.

Plenty of people who are overweight are fighting and struggling to get in shape. It isn’t an easy thing to do for many of us. All those thin folks out there are going to find themselves one day in that same predicament. They may be able to see their feet right now, but give it time and eventually they will end up being on the same road – older and fatter. Not many of us remain 105 lbs forever.

Look around you. I think there are more overweight people now than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Most of us are content with being who we are. Physically Imperfect, but happy with just being able to love ourselves no matter how we look.

I left 105 lbs a long, long time ago. I swore it would never happen to me, but it sneaked up on me! Dang it!

So for that guy, Cliff Cherokee, who left the mean tweet, your day will arrive one day and bite you in the fat cells.

Kelly, just give it all to Jesus! Let him take that wheel, girlfriend!

Written by Susie P

“Health is wealth” Susie





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