Kelly Clarkson Accused of Child Abuse Because She Gave This to Her Daughter!

In today’s world, if someone posts anything online about their children or anyone else’s, the likelihood of backlash is one hundred-fold. Why such insanity occurs, only the overlords of the internet may ever know. Such is the case with a recent video famed singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson posted to her Instagram. Clarkson was kind enough to share with fans a tender moment of her two-year-old daughter, River, eating a Nutella sandwich while they were traveling overseas. Shortly after, commenters called for her head, accusing Clarkson of child abuse.


Kelly Clarkson Accused of Child Abuse Because She Gave This to Her Daughter!

Before you move forward with trying to figure out how child abuse and Nutella are remotely related, we have done the work for you. Apparently, the palm oil in Nutella has been rumored to cause cancer. Furthermore, there were posters who claimed a sugary treat like Nutella could result in illnesses such a diabetes or childhood obesity.


All this fanfare seems to be an attack on Clarkson directly, more so than her parenting skills. Since the increase of Clarkson’s weight after giving birth, critics have been quick to chastise her actions especially when it comes to food choices.


Kelly Clarkson Accused of Child Abuse Because She Gave This to Her Daughter!


We hardly see this as an excuse. These claims are misleading at best. The European Food Safety Authority reports that palm oil is not linked to cancer. One slice of Nutella spreaded bread will not immediately cause a child to suffer from poor diet health conditions. As anyone could see from Clarkson’s clip, it appears the pleasant moment that Clarkson and River shared seemed to do wonders for the child as she rocked back and forth happily and interacted positively with her mother.



Child abuse is a serious accusation. People need to calm down. Let others raise their children with a variety of healthy experiences. That or kindly get off the internet all together.


Written by Nat P.

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  1. People will say what they want because they like to sensationalize everything. They have nothing else to do but point fingers at others and blame others. How about checking into their own lives and check how their own children have turned out! Makes me sick with such judgmental individuals.

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