Kailyn Blasts Javi and Talks About Third Baby Daddy!

Kailyn Blasts Javi and Talks About Third Baby Daddy!

Kailyn Lowry apparently blasted ex-husband Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend and their recent choice of activities on Twitter! The new relationship debuted on Instagram weeks ago and many are convinced that Kailyn is jealous of Javi’s new lady. Javi shared a picture of himself enjoying some fun in the sun with his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau. Kail reportedly claimed that the activities in which Javi and Lauren were participating in reminded her of when she and Javi went jet skiing in South Carolina, tweeting, “Lmaooooo reminds me of the time we went jet skiing in SC.” Javi responded to his ex-wife’s comment by reportedly telling Radar Online, “I had an amazing weekend. I don’t know why she tweeted that to be honest.”

Kailyn Blasts Javi and Talks About Third Baby Daddy!

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Kail’s comment seems pretty strange, seeing as how her and Javi separated over a year ago, her announcing the divorce in May 2016 and finalizing it later in 2016. Around the same time that her divorce was finalized, she conceived her third child with another man, ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. Ironically, one of the reasons that Kail gave for the divorce was that she did not want to have another child and Javi did. Teen Mom 2 viewers also watched on last night’s episode as Kail appeared annoyed simply by Javi’s presence and not at all enthusiastic about Javi’s desire to have a conversation about his potential future deployment. Kail then became angry at Javi when he revealed that he told the boys that he might have another deployment in the future.

Why would Kail feel the need to make such a snarky remark on Twitter about his new relationship? Maybe Kail does not want to see her ex happy, even more so because her most recent relationship has also failed. Regarding her third baby daddy, a source previously told Radar, “Kail became a relationship of convenience for him. He never actually loved her. It was a relationship, but he just decided he wanted something different and things didn’t work out so they went their separate ways.”

Kailyn Blasts Javi and Talks About Third Baby Daddy!

Javi reportedly told Radar that he began dating Lauren after meeting her at a mutual friend’s wedding, and stated, “This one feels right”, when referring to his new relationship.

Also on last night’s episode, Kail talks with a friend about the short lived relationship with Lopez, stating that she did not expect anything too serious out of it and was glad that the break-up did not have an impact on her sons. Kail said that her ex did not want to appear on the show because she believes that he “didn’t want his other girls to see him with her.” Kail said that she would spend time with Lopez while her sons were with their dads and felt like she was “living a secret double life” She also said that the break up was not as bad as it could have been because it was private and her children were not really involved. Sadly, it does not seem like Lopez will have much or anything at all to do with his and Kail’s unborn child. According to Kail, Lopez even blocked her online! “Baby Lo” as Kail calls her unborn baby (she says she still does not have any names picked out) is expected to arrive anytime now but sadly he or she will probably not have a dad around.

Kailyn Blasts Javi and Talks About Third Baby Daddy!

Maybe this is all karma for how awful Kail’s treated Javi? Just a thought that suddenly came to mind 😃

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    Marcy scrot

    (July 26, 2017 - 11:23 am)

    Kail is a tramp…three kids, three daddies. Treats every one like dirt and acts the prima donna. Not a good example for the kids.

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