Judge in Alexa Curtain’s Assault Case Orders Sheriff’s Department to Produce Deputy’s Personnel File

Alexa Curtin, daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lynne Curtain, may be have her faith in the justice system restored. At least it’s off to a good start as U.S. magistrate Judge, Paul L. Abrams has ordered the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to turn over Deputy Nicholas Lee Caopino’s personnel file.

Alexa had filed documents claiming Deputy Caopino sexually assaulted her during a traffic stop in in April 2014. Her request says that she is aware of at least two similar incidents where women have been stopped by The deputy for DUI stops and sexually assaulted by him. He then asked the women for their phone numbers and asked if they wanted to date him. Curtain asked for the personnel files to prove that Caopino has a history of using his position to assault women he pulls over. She also contends that the Sheriff’s Department knew of his activities, yet did nothing to stop him.

Her request includes paperwork for any Internal Affairs investigations and/ criminal investigations and complaints brought against Caropino for any assaults sexual misconduct complaints or complaints of inappropriate behavior. The Department initially refused to show the deputy’s personnel file citing that federal laws protect his right to privacy. But Judge Abrams said, “Nonsense” and signed the order. The Sheriff’s Department has until March 27 to produce Deputy Caropino’s personnel file.

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Good for her and good for the judge!


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