Joy-Anna’s Fiancé Austin Forsyth Family More Strict Than The Duggars?!

For those of you who are a member of the prestigious and well known “Duggar Nation” – you are aware that Joy-Anna recently announced her engagement to Austin Forsyth, less than 4 months after one of the fastest courtships we have seen in the family. By that, we mean, in a blink of an eye, which is a bit odd even for the Duggar family and their very strange rules. Joy-Anna, along with her fiancé, Austin have known each other for years, so it appears they want to get married and start a family of their own sooner than later. Their relationship is moving fast – – perhaps a little too fast for some but again, Austin has known the Duggar family for nearly 15 years.

If you are like most fans and prefer to watch “Counting On” via the world-wide web, then you saw where 19-year-old Joy-Anna chose to introduce her now fiancé “Austin” on the show’s final episode last week – which was the last and final show of season.

Believe it or not, as we all learn more information about Austin and his family – it looks as if his family is a lot more demanding than Joy-Anna’s family is. How could that be?! Are they trying to tell us that Austin’s parents have much stricter rules than the Duggar’s do – if that’s so, watch out!

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Allow us to explain – Austin’s family owns and operates “Fork Rock Family Camp” which is in the state of Arkansas, also where the Duggar’s reside. Not only that but both families have attended the same exact church for the last several years.

(We are beginning to see similarities within the two families; for example, Joseph Duggar is now dating Kendra Caldwell, and Kendra’s family also attends the same church.)

 Joy-Anna's Fiancé Austin Forsyth Family More Strict Than The Duggars?!

“We are extremely happy to announce the courtship of our son, Austin,” parents Terry and Roxanne wrote on their Christian retreat’s page.
“He and Joy have honored the Lord and will be a great testimony for his goodness and provision for a spouse. Congratulations to Austin & Joy!”
It’s only natural that Joy-Anna Duggar would become a huge part of the Forsyth family, especially knowing how long they have been friends – which began almost 15 years ago.

After taking a sneak peek at the retreat’s website, we see Joy-Anna standing right by Austin’s side, posing for a photo – Forsyth is about 22 years old, and, Austin’s entire family is seen in what appears to be a “camp staff” picture.

JB and Michelle Duggar, parents of Joy-Anna, already know about this, and, as one would expect; The Duggar’s often visit that same camp, which is in the city of St. Paul – in the state of Arkansas.

The last time that the Duggar family paid a visit to the camp was sometime last fall, in the month of October, to attend and speak at a fall retreat, which is basically for married couples, going on their 5th year now (you got it, Jim Bob and his lovely wife Michelle give out advice on how to have a good marriage). That’s right folks – the Duggar’s claim to be experts in that field.

“We’re so thankful for Austin,” Michelle said about her daughter’s brand new boyfriend last year in the fall. “He is a great guy and we’re excited about the future.”

Austin Forsyth and his family have also been long time members of the Duggar’s fan club as they seem to spend a lot of time together – and, the Forsyths themselves are no strangers to the entire reality TV Duggar series empire. It’s a family affair.

We do know of one very disturbing issue concerning Joy-Anna that has many of the Duggar fans worried:

When Austin was only 15 years old, back in the year 2009, he was a big star in a series called “World’s Strictest Parents” in the first season, along with his mother and father and his sister, Megan, which was seen on the CMT network.

 Joy-Anna's Fiancé Austin Forsyth Family More Strict Than The Duggars?!

As strange as that show’s title may seem, we are not making this up –despite what y’all might be thinking – that was the actual name of the show when it aired back in 2009 and the Forsyth’s were stars in it.

That show, as weird as it sounds, reunited parents, who were very strict with their children, and who apparently were tangled up in a terrible world with the hope that both the parents and the teenagers would begin a new life together.

If that series did not provide the results they were hoping for, you can be sure that it did satisfy those who tuned in to see the show and it also gave the fans an inside look as to how Austin and his family’s beliefs were back then – which apparently showed how extremely harsh they were with their rules and regulations.

Modesty is very important to the Forsyth family, including the parents who chose to “homeschool” their kids and making sure that they remained “pure” abstaining from sex until they are married. Same exact situation as the Duggar’s, which we find very interesting.

Not exactly like the Duggar family – however, it does mean that they are not able to have their first kiss until the actual day of their wedding (let’s just say that sex before marriage is a big NO NO).

During one specific scene, the viewers saw that those who were guests of the Forsyth family, were taught the proper way to date while teaching a lesson in Sunday school.

One very important lesson included how dangerous it can be to date, which, of course “leads to divorce.”

From what we do know, the Duggar family has never ever had any use for strong language or any words of that nature.

But, what we do know is how very serious they are, and how they decided to refer to courtship as being called “dating with a purpose” kind of like dating before getting engaged.

Anyway, we are not one bit surprised at how much the Duggar parents have placed a great amount of emphasis on the strictly enforced “courtship rules” which we have been hearing so much about and which also concerns Joy-Anna courting Austin Forsyth. You can be sure those rules will be strictly monitored as much as they can.

There are plenty of critics who are saying just how very unhealthy those dating rules are. Well, perhaps they are right – or might this be exactly what this young couple in love needs and wants!

From the looks of things, you know as much as we do – both Joy-Anna and Austin look very happy together – as much as two people in love can possibly be, and let’s face it, isn’t that what really matters?! From where we stand, this couple is a match made in……um…. someplace in the Northwest part of Arkansas, located somewhere inside the woodsy area of the Ozarks.

Although Joy-Ann has remained single most of her adult life, both she and her 20 something year old fiancé, Austin seem to be enjoying every minute of their courtship – all dressed up in layer upon layer of levy denim clothing as if they were in heaven.

These two may have been repressed at one time, however, we know one thing for sure, Joy-Anna and the love of her life, Austin seem to be perfect for each other and we know that Joy-Anna will succeed and be happy for the rest of her life – and you can be sure that we are thoroughly excited for them both. If they are happy, then we are happy for them and we applaud Austin for taking the next big step in his relationship with Joy-Anna. Kind of like “friends forever” and that’s exactly what marriages are made of – when that day comes.

And the same goes for Joseph and his new gal pal, Kendra, who just recently revealed their courtship early last week.

But are they dating because they want to or because they were forced into it?! We certainly hope they chose to be with each other and not the opposite – and let’s hope this new couple makes their own choices in life and not follow in their parents’ footsteps. We all know how that turned out.

Sticking to one’s own beliefs and the way they value each other’s lives is very important, however, the same goes for anyone who likes to be adventurous and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Just something to think about.

One thing is for certain, Joy-Anna and Austin are staying very busy planning a wedding among many other chores that a couple preparing to be married must do.

Written by Renee Barbee

Believe in Yourself ~ Renee



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