Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth Shocks Fans by Feeling Father-in-Laws Tummy!

Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth Shocks Fans by Feeling Father-in-Laws Tummy!

Uh-Oh! Did Joy-Anna do a “no-no” while on the set of “Counting On?!” Well, whatever she did sent shockwaves throughout the Duggar family. As many of us are aware, there are certain rules that must be followed for all Duggar female siblings. Meaning no hand holding with any guy until she becomes engaged, however, those rules had no effect when it came to showing her affection for Joy-Anna’s father-in-law. Fans, followers and others of the Duggar’s who view a forum referred to as the “Free Jinger” website – were really talking up a storm regarding a particular scene on “Counting On” which some Duggar fans may not have seen.

“Did Joy playfully poke Austin’s dad in the belly? That’s got to be against the rules?!” posted one person who offered their opinion.

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Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth Shocks Fans by Feeling Father-in-Laws Tummy!

During last Monday’s episode of “Counting On”, Joy-Anna, who is just a teenager at 19, decided to help her now husband, Austin Forsyth, by offering her assistance to help place some tiles on a floor of 1 particular house that Austin was trying to renovate so his father could sell it. At the time this episode was filmed, Joy-Anna was not yet married to Austin, and, well, let’s just say that they were very anxious to complete their project so they could see the house and place it on line in the hopes that someone would purchase it.  Austin wasn’t going to get his dad’s blessing to marry Joy-Anna until he was finished renovating several houses – 5 to be exact. That particular house that both Joy-Anna and Austin had been working on was the last house to be completed out of the 5 that Mr. Forsyth requested.

Of course, as one would expect, Joy-Anna and Austin kept getting sidetracked, however, Austin’s father was on site to keep his eye on the 2 lovebirds – and, of course, to prevent them from engaging in any foreplay. Joy-Anna has known Austin for most of her life so it’s only natural that they would be “playful” knowing they were engaged to be married.  Not need to worry – none of those so called “courtship” rules were broken, however, Joy-Anna was seen placing her hand on her fiancé s father’s stomach – but in a very “playful” sort of way – she continued several times, perhaps as a way of distracting him regarding her issues regarding some “spacers” that were used to place in between the tiles to make them even, but in this case, those spacers didn’t do the job correctly.

Once the episode aired, many fans found the segment quite goofy, especially after they saw Joy-Anna and her then fiancé playing while working together. Not only that, the part where Joy-Anna was touching her soon to be father-in-law’s tummy left many fans and followers of the infamous “Counting On” TV reality show asking themselves – just how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would react regarding their daughter’s touchy-feely scene with Austin’s dad.

Viewers who are longtime fans of that website forum have made the point about the Duggar female siblings – and given the fact that they are not allowed to give Jim Bob, their own dad, what we consider, a “normal” tummy to tummy hug, which, of course is the exact reason why it came as a big shock when they saw Joy-Anna being playful in an somewhat loving way with her now father-in-law.

“You probably should not be touching an adult non relative in a joking way like that,” read one comment. “Even an adult relative, that was kind of weird. I don’t know what their relationship is like but the idea that Austin isn’t allowed to hold her hand or front hug her but she touched his dad this way? It’s all kinds of messed up.”
As is stated on the Duggar’s very own personal family “Blog” site, every single member of their huge clan must only say hello using side-hugs – and, when the Duggar siblings begin to date, such as the case with Joy-Anna and her newlywed hubby, Austin before they were married, they are strictly forbidden to do anything else until they become officially married.

Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth Shocks Fans by Feeling Father-in-Laws Tummy!

As was reported and published in the on-line newspaper, “International Business Times” based out of New York City, those who were working on the renovation, otherwise known as “house-flipping” made the decision to withdraw from any physical contact – which also meant no hand holding until they were officially engaged. Even though Joy-Anna is only 19 years old, she is wise beyond her years and believes that holding off from any physical interaction, is in fact “a good protection” mainly since getting involved in heavy “PDA” aka, public displays of affection can really make it so much “harder to hold yourself and your purity.” However, Chaperone’s, as in the case of Mr. Forsyth, Austin’s father, are only there as another form of protection; no matter who tags along as a Chaperone, he or she is only there to watch and observe and to ensure that the Duggar siblings who date follow every rule concerning any relationship that they are currently involved in – and, of course, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar approve of.

Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth Shocks Fans by Feeling Father-in-Laws Tummy!

From what was published in the latest issue of “TV Guide,” Joy-Anna was seen spending some quality time with her new “father-in-law” which aired last Monday, the 3rd of this month on the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On.” Not only that, but on Monday, the 10th of this month, fans will get to see Joy-Anna and her husband having a nice evening, enjoying dinner with her in-law, Austin Forsyth’s mother and father, however, this is just a get-together and not a celebration of the happy couple’s engagement; and the most exciting news for fans and those who tune in to see the episode of “Counting On” during Monday night’s episode, will be able to witness Austin Forsyth bending down, in the traditional way – on 1 knee, while asking Joy-Anna to marry him.

Joy-Anna may only be 19 but she truly seems to be trying very hard to abide by her father’s rules and now that she is married, watch out! Another Duggar baby could be in the works.

Written by Renee Barbee

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