Josh Duggar Sex Scandal Details Revealed! Still Living In the Home He Sold?!

Josh Duggar Sex Scandal Details Revealed! Still Living In the Home He Sold?!

Was Josh forced to sell, what he referred to as his “dream home” to some mystery company, which also invests in property?! Well, whatever the reason, he sold it just a few short days before the world found out about the scandal, which took place close to 3 years ago – 2015, after finding out that Josh was actually a member of the on line site, referred to as “Ashley Madison” which was hacked into after Josh decided to become a member and all of his personal info had been leaked, however, the big question now is – has this deal gone bad and turned sour?! Well, all we know at this point, is that many newly revealed details are exposing some very suspicious activity. The online magazine, “RadarOnline” has the scoop on this sordid and never ending story – basically revealing that Josh, who caused the downfall by getting his families first ever reality TV show, “19 Kids and Counting” cancelled, has disgraced his entire family, however, since that time, it appears that his family has forgiven him and this once famous celebrity might have moved back home to live with his wife, Anna and their four children. Yikes! That adds more drama to the Duggar family. What a disaster!

Josh Duggar Sex Scandal Details Revealed! Still Living In the Home He Sold?!

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This disgusting and very underhanded arrangement was revealed just two short days before the world found out that one lady, who goes by the name of “Danica Dillon” aka, a porn celebrity allegedly claimed that Josh gave her “PTSD” otherwise known as (post-traumatic stress order) stemming from one very forceful and somewhat violent sex experience that she alleges occurred from getting involved with Josh. Ewe!!

Approximately two years ago – sometime in November of 2015, “Danica” became so upset and rightfully so, which caused her to file a “civil lawsuit” stating that Josh Duggar actually became so brutal with her, when they met up twice – at different times, for what she says was roughed up sex – and of course, Josh paid Danica for her, um, services. In her lawsuit, she claims that her encounter with Josh was like “being raped” – but, by filing this law suit against him, perhaps she was looking to make a quick buck.

In this case, she requested damages in the amount of $500,000 when she filed the lawsuit, however, she then suddenly changed her mind and decided not to pursue the case, which took place last year in the month of February.

However, Josh was faced with more problems in the month of August of 2016 – when “Matthew McCarthy” a DJ, whose business which is based out of Los Angeles, California, filed a lawsuit against Josh, who used to be a celebrity, aka, “reality star.” This took place after Josh decided to use Mr. McCarthy’s mug shot (without permission) for his “Ashley Madison” profile page that the once famous celeb had set up. What in the hell was he thinking??? Apparently, he wasn’t – which caused Josh and his family more grief after finding out that the lawsuit maintained that, D.J., Mr. McCarthy filed the suit mainly because his photo, which was used on that site caused the him a tremendous amount of lost wages, and wasn’t able to work, not to mention the harassment he received. At this time, we do know that McCarthy is also trying to sue for damages which have not yet been made public.

Perhaps Josh decided it was best to transfer his house, so he wouldn’t have to sell.  This may have been the only way of keeping those pesky collection agencies and other people, like Mr. McCarthy from gaining access to his property and other major family assets. After all, Josh Duggar has a wife, four children and another on the way to support, so he is doing whatever he can to protect himself and his ever growing brood.

Right now, Josh and Anna’s home is estimated to be at a value of $213,467 on the highly popular website, referred to as Zillow, however, does this also mean that Josh and his wife have occupied and remained residents in this house during the last two years?!

Good grief! What could possibly happen between now and the time when Anna is ready to give birth?!

Written by Renee Barbee

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