Josh Duggar: New Photo Surfaces Shocks Duggar Fans

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Hmm! What’s up with Josh Duggar?! He appears to look a lot like someone we hardly recognize – and, after a picture was posted of him, fans are beginning to believe that he is changing the way he “looks” because he wants to but why would he do that?!


This past Sunday, just a couple of days ago, Priscilla, who is the sister of Anna Duggar – along with David Waller, Priscilla’s hubby decided it would be fun to post and share a photo of their family on, what else – their Instagram site. The Wallers 3 children are also in the photo – and the parents of these kids just happen to be the same as Anna and her sister, Pricilla, also included in the family pic were 2 of the Waller sister’s brothers. Here again, Josh is way in the back, trying not to be seen, along with Anna and their 4 kids, which are – Michael, at the age of 5, Mackynzie, who is the oldest at the age of 7 and of course the baby of the family, Meredith, who is 1 year old – they are all positioned properly and sitting on the hard cement steps of the porch, and they also invited grandma to join them. This photo was shot after church services, since everyone in the photo attends the same church.

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A website set up called “Free Jinger” had many users who have become members of the site also added their 2 cents regarding Josh and the fact that he has gained quite a bit of weight – and, well, quite a few fans are taking his “new” look as an indication that he’s just not a happy camper – most likely from his life after the scandals he created.



Josh was adored and respected by millions of fans once upon a time ago – when “19 Kids and Counting” the Duggar’s 1st TV reality show began airing – it was during that time when Josh was doing so well, his so called “stardom status” helped him achieve the goal by working at a “Family Research Council.” But, sadly, Josh’s entire world crashed and he lost everything once the world found out about the horrendous news that Josh had molested several minor teens, which took place many years ago – and the most disgusting part is that he even abused his sisters – all of which took place when he was a teenager himself. An on-line news website, “The Daily Mail” has recently stated and published the fact that the Duggar family and their TLC network, which owns the TV reality show, “Counting On” had no choice but to ban Josh from being seen on TV – these days, Josh is trying to do his best to support his family by being a salesman at a used car lot. His wife, Anna is once again pregnant with their 5th child, and she no longer has a job – so, let’s face reality here – this could very well be the reason why Josh is falling apart inside and of course that leads to major stress, especially when he’s supposed to be the bread winner of his family and is constantly worried money so he can pay their bills. When their 5th baby is born, he will have another mouth to feed – and he’s probably not making nearly enough money to support his growing family.


Josh Duggar: New Photo Surfaces Shocks Duggar Fans


“I think his physical condition very much mirrors his emotional state,” as one certain “Free Jinger” member stated. “He is not a happy or satisfied man.”


“But he does look bloated and unhealthy. I’ve seen nothing that would make me believe that he has anything going in his life to make him happy,” yet one more member said. “He and Anna have changed nothing in their relationship, I’m sure– they’re just trying harder at what didn’t work in the first place.”


Once Josh finally did the right thing and admitted fault to his faithful spouse about his infidelity, which took place nearly 3 years ago, during the year of 2015, Josh decided to check himself into a rehab facility for members of the Christian faith, however, he only spent a few months there – and, his wife, Anna who had to care for their children were sent to live with the Duggar family during Josh’s stay away from home – and, someone very close within the Duggar clan has reported to “In Touch Weekly” the fact that Josh’s wife, Anna used most of her spare time keeping busy at work during the time that her husband was supposedly getting the treatment he needed in rehab – what else was she going to do?! She had to do whatever she could to support her kids, especially since the man she married had finally committed the ultimate sin and with the allegations of his infidelity, that made her even more insecure about her own appearance, along with worrying about silly things like – if she is overweight herself – but, in her mind, she felt by making herself look more attractive to Josh, he would never focus on any other woman but her.


“She’s been going nonstop, not only exercising but getting their house ready for him, like he’s a hero returning from war,” this source stated. “It’s really sad.”


We have no idea if Josh got any exercise at all during the 3 months that he spent in rehab, however, apparently, he has done this same thing before and perhaps never followed through with it. As reported in “People” Josh and his ongoing battle by trying to lose weight was shot mainly for the Duggar’s cancelled reality TV show, “19 Kids and Counting” back in 2013 for one episode referred to as “Duggar Weight Loss Challenge.”


As most of us know, the camera somehow adds a few pounds when people are seen on TV – however, Josh figured that he should lose some much-needed weight, especially once he saw himself on the boob tube – and after he received his results from the his physical, the stats were alarming and frightened Josh so much that he decided to start working out on a treadmill, which meant that he had to stop eating bags of chips or snacks. In one report, published by the “Huffington Post” Josh was told that he was obese, which means, he was a candidate for diabetes – teetering on the borderline of having diabetes and needs to cut back on the sweets.


“I’m thinking 10 years, maybe five or six more kids, you know. We can’t have a health crisis,” stated Anna regarding her concerns regarding Josh and the future of his health.


As was reported by “Babble” Anna stated that Josh and his current health condition is all her fault – explaining that her cooking, which she always does herself, is the reason why Josh looks and feels the way he does. But, he did admit that he can’t expect his wife to revise her dietary needs and keep track of his eating habits and life style, that is something that he needs to do himself – he does understand that it’s his fault and not hers.


“I know I need to set an example of being healthy for my children,” Josh stated.


Written by Renee Barbee

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