Josh Duggar: Decides Not to Intervene With His Sister’s Lawsuit!

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Josh Duggar: Decides Not to Intervene With His Sister's Lawsuit!

Hmm, it appears that Josh has now decided not to try and “stop” the lawsuit brought against him by his 4 female siblings regarding info that was released by law enforcement, and which pertains to the allegations stating that he had abused 5 minors, (4 of which were his sisters) many years ago, when they were all minors.

An attorney, whose name is “Gregory Payne” – and is just one of the attorneys who is representing Josh with this case, supposedly filed docs this past Friday. A “U.S. District Judge” by the name of “Tim Brooks” allowed the motion to be filed in court.

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Interesting thing about the sentence that was filed – it was the only motion and there is no mention as to why Josh suddenly changed his mind and decided not to go forward with his own claims over this legal battle.

“Comes now, the intervening party, Josh Duggar, and upon further consideration hereby withdraws his motion to intervene,” as the statement regarding his motion states.

Although further attempts to contact “Payne” to gather more info on the 16th of this month, sometime later in the day, had failed.

There are 4 daughters from the Duggar family, whose parents are Jim Bob and Michelle – those 4 siblings brought a lawsuit against some “Northwest Arkansas” authorities last month – basically stating that certain members from law enforcement somehow incorrectly released important documents, which were obtained by the police, and then were leaked to a popular star studded magazine, which, of course, published the sordid details for the public to read. Yikes!

Josh Duggar: Decides Not to Intervene With His Sister's Lawsuit!

Those sisters, who filed the lawsuit against their big bro, took place in a “federal court” in the city of “Fayetteville. The lawsuit was brought on because Josh allegedly invaded his siblings privacy – not to mention how insidious this act was and how much those girls were violated at that time, and, which took place many years ago – it’s called the “right to due process” in legal terms.

Josh Duggar: Decides Not to Intervene With His Sister's Lawsuit!

As in most cases, a lawsuit usually involves major amounts of money, and, this case isn’t any different – this particular lawsuit states that the plaintiffs are asking for an amount that is not mentioned to compensate them for the anger and embarrassment their big bro caused them, as well as compensation for inflicting harm and punishment against them – which, of course will be determined by the judge during the trial.

The names of those 4 sisters who are suing their big brother are: Jill (Duggard) Dillard, Jessa (Dillard) Seewald, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, and the baby of the 4, Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth.

The lawsuit that Josh filed last Friday, is almost exactly the same as the one his younger female siblings filed. He complained about wanting to be able to represent himself to protect his own interests in the lawsuit – as he felt without his name being included in the suit, he would not have a fair chance to defend himself.

Stay tuned as the drama continues to unfold in this dramatic and very public lawsuit against the once famous Josh Duggar.

Written by Renee Barbee

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