Josh Duggar Criticized For Risking His Child’s Safety Upsetting Fans

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Nearly every single week, the Duggar’s are being insulted or criticized for almost everything they do – however, the biggest issue is how they raise their kids. Fans just seem to be upset regarding their kids and grandkids upbringing – and it just continues to get worse. Take for example this issue. OK, well, for one thing – we do agree that Josh’s little boy should have been wearing a helmet while his father was doing his best to teach him how to ride a bike – but, as usual, fans got upset after they saw the photo on social media and stirred up a hornets nest of nasty comments.

We all know how much the Duggar’s love taking pictures and sharing them on social media – after all, they are reality stars! Well, they posted one picture of Marcus, Josh and Anna’s toddler son, at the age of 4, testing his new bicycle, while his older bro, Michael, who is 6 years old, does his best to help. But, those eagle eyed fans didn’t miss a beat after they saw that little Marcus didn’t have a helmet on his head, which, of course, caused some major worries about the toddler’s safety. It didn’t stop there – as one fan quickly discovered the bicycle was missing a major component – that being breaks to allow Marcus to stop. Following is the comment from that fan.

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“Seriously?? No helmets?! Yes its cute that big brother is helping but let’s teach safety and avoid serious injuries let alone something worse! I can tell you a helmet saved my life so get those kids helmets!”

And, yet there were other fans who didn’t see any issues at all – certain people just feel the need to complain about things. Back in the good ole days, they mentioned the fact that their own kids, along with all of the grandchildren were able to learn how to ride a bike long before fancy helmets were created – but still, they had helmets but didn’t wear them and nothing bad happened. However, as seen in the photo, his big brother was right there beside him, incase Marcus did fall down.

“I am in my 60’s, neither me, my friends, my kids or their kids wore helmets or knee pads etc. Teach your kids safety rules, don’t wrap them up and hope they will be protected. Love the way those kids are having fun.”

Parents have their own way of raising kids – and everyone is different, such is the case with the Duggar clan and how they wish to teach their kids “right from wrong” but, they always seem to be criticized no matter what they do with their kids.

Take, for example, what happened in June – Josh and Anna Duggar were blasted for what fans perceived as “mistreating” their own children after posting one picture of Meredith, their daughter – who’s only 2 years old, along with Spurgeon, also at the age of 2, who is the son of Jessa and Ben Seewald; and the young tikes were seen with mops in their hands, as if they were cleaning a floor. It wasn’t about the kids that caused the ruckus – but simply the title of the caption that was posted with the photo, which said this: “Train them young! These little ones love to ‘help.’” Well, that sparked a lot of controversy from the fans – they simply didn’t like the word “train” which basically indicated that two very young toddlers were being taught how to clean floors and was completely inappropriate – and, of course, they corrected Josh and Jessa by suggesting they choose a better word, such as “teach” would have been more acceptable.

In the meantime, everyone is still waiting for some kind of statement or announcement from either Josh or Anna regarding her pending date of their fifth child – at this time, all we know is that she is expected to give birth sometime this fall. When we first heard that Anna was expecting, yet again, with their fifth baby, fans were completely shocked and very surprised, especially after what Josh has done to Anna, his wife – he put her put her through hell in 2016 by creating two very malicious scandals. Not a peep out of the Duggar camp – everyone is staying quiet and hasn’t revealed anything new about her due date, however, there is a lot of “guessing” via information that has been seen on line and other various forms of communication, stating that Anna is very close to entering her ninth month of pregnancy. Some even believing that Anna will give birth next month, this was published in the on line magazine, “The Hollywood Gossip.”

With 19 kids in the Duggar clan and many of them married with children of their own, this family continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard recently announced the birth of their second baby boy, “Samuel Scott” – last Saturday, the 8th of July.

It appears that Anna Duggar is very close to her due date – stay tuned Duggar fans!

Written by: Renee Barbee

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